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  1. I found the judgement bit very straightforward - just ticking boxes, really, and adding in the interest you want to claim from the time your MCOL was issued. I did that bit yesterday - just chekced the MCOL website a few mins ago, no change their....anybody know how long it takes to hear the outcome of the judgement? If all goes well, I can't believe that the whole process has been so straightforward - can only imagine that the banks are overwhelmed and just let things go - they obviously can't follow up closely on each and every case.
  2. Right, well, nothing came with postie so I've started judgement! Thanks for the advice - will just wait and see what happens next - any idea how long it might be before hearing something/receiving £££? I've requested payment 'immediately' on the MCOL form. Cheers
  3. Hi I've been following this thread as I'm at a similar stage - my MCOL was deemed served on 13 Aug and HSBC had until Sunday (27 Aug) to reply. I have received nothing in the post and there is no change to the status of anything on the MCOL website. Do I just now go ahead and start judgement? Should I wait until this morning's post just in case?! Thanks
  4. Hi Does anybody have any advice as to the text to include in my response to the letter making a payment offer that was received the day after I filed MCOL? Should I acknowledge at all? Should I say thanks, but no thanks - will wait for full amount via MCOL Should I say thanks for interim payment whilst I'm waiting for the rest via MCOL? Any key phrases would be useful. Thanks v much. Been very relieved to hear of this money rolling in to people after MCOL...hope I'll be saying the same story in a few weeks!
  5. Hi Yesterday I filed MCOL for 2 accounts together - today just received letters from HSBC offering an amount for both accounts (the 14 day deadline after LBA was last Weds), so they are a week late anyway but we were just a bit slack at filing the MCOL. Anybody else had this happen and if so what did you do?! If we accept the offers, it would net us about £1k less than if we go the whole hog with the claim with the 8% added on. Have also had MCOL notification today - our claim will be "deemed served" on 13th Aug. On the one hand, the extra £1k would be very handy, on the other, I do
  6. Okay, think I'm clear now - thanks, experts! This bit (the moneyclaim bit) is the one that I've found it hardest to locate clear guidance for on the site - so hope the above helps answer Qs from others, too. My partner had a speedy offer for around 95% of his claim, we've heard nothing back about my a/c or joint a/c (all 3 a/cs HSBC) so I'm about to submit a joint moneyclaim for these. Here goes...
  7. Hi again Although replies above have given me a calculation to divide my claim by 0.00022 to get a sum of money, on the moneyclaim website the pop up box that comes up when you click on the 'Yes I'll claim interest' button states "...and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgment or earlier payment at a daily rate of {enter the daily rate of interest}." In which case, what is the actual daily rate of interest? It seems like I have to state a % interest rate rather than a £ amount? Do I just divide 8% by 365 days? (it's a long time since I did my maths o'level!). If so
  8. Also - I assume there is no Human Rights Act issue and I need to click 'No'??
  9. This thread is really useful - I'm just putting together my MCOL. But I'm still a bit confused - the last bit of text about interest rates, what is the daily rate of interest I need to put down? Thanks in advance - this bit of the proces feels very intimidating - not the submitting the MCOL, just the part about being confident about what I'm putting my name to!
  10. Hi I've have a question about the MCOL process - do I have to submit different moneyclaims for each account held with HSBC? I have an individual account plus a joint account with my partner. My own account received no response at all from letters, inc LBA. HSBC asked for list of charges for the joint account (which was included in both letters and re-sent as well, but now at 14 day deadline since LBA) so getting ready to file MCOL. Partner's account - his first response from HSBC was an offer of 95%! - reading other posts this seems very unusual - maybe HSBC just sent the wrong l
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