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  1. Is your.JSA contribution based or income based? Because that can make a difference, albeit CB JSA is only usually paid for the first 6 months.
  2. Due to volunteering in a small charity I've got to know a girl who works at the Voluntary Work Centre. Her job is to interview would be volunteers and try to find placements suitable to the volunteer and organisation. She said she's overloaded and fed up with the stream of potential volunteers landing at her desk asking to register for voluntary work due to pressure from JCP . Because they don't really want to volunteer it's just a sort of last chance saloon to avoid sanctions etc. or being put onto a work programme. She knows not to send any of these would be volunteers to our small charity as we need PVGs and there is a cost involved to the charity. It's hard enough for us to weed out people who come in to us direct who are really just after getting their first PVG paid for. Subsequent updates aren't as expensive as the first ones. For a small charity the cost of obtaining a PVG for someone who then only turns up once or twice , or lasts a few weeks just isn't sustainable.
  3. To be honest Estellyn I don't agree with this statement. All my family and friends work in jobs ranging from banking , doctors, midwives, retail mangement. Not sure what class if any that puts them in. Can't see punitive measures against benefit claimants encouraging any of them to vote for a political party, if anything i think it would be the opposite. Perhaps they could be accused of not keeping up to date or getting involved because it doesn't affect them, but they're generally more interested in job creation and how life will be for their kids in the future.
  4. I've no knowledge of these things so can't give any practical advice whatsoever, but hope it goes as well as it can . Stay strong.
  5. Seems a silly point, but suggest you think carefully before telling them you have a car if applicable. My brother got paid off last year, aged 59 had worked his entire life, and was only eligible to claim just JSA CB nothing else due to his wife's income. Advisor mandated him to apply for a NMW job he was suitable for with a 3 hour total drive there and back according to google maps. After petrol , car wear and tear costs he'd have been worse off at the end of each month than just being paid JSA. Fortunately he found other work before he had to return to sign back on. You'll be asked to agree and sign a job seekers agreement, things like hours you're available etc, how many jobs you need to apply for etc. also the time to ask for any reasonsalbe adjustments you might require on hours and type of work if you have any child care needs , or health conditions which limit the type of work you can reasoanbly do. , Read it carefully and make sure you are ok with what they put in it before signing it. Becsue it's due to non conformance with job seekrs agreemnt that sanctions arise from. With regard to the Universal Job Match system they now want everyone to use , most people advise don't agree to tick the box which gives their staff access to your activites on that website. And don't be late, not even by a couple of minutes for any of your future appointments. Hope you find other work soon.
  6. Don't totally lose heart or think your life is finished because of this. You'll survive and will move forward eventually putting this mistake behind you. Even in my small scope of life experience I can think of 3 people who've ended up with criminal records who have went on to find a place in life and find work.. One firm I worked in held a position open for a guy who was serving a prison term for benefit fraud. He'd previously worked for the DWP which made his sentence severe. Believe his reasons were a messy divorce or something but the firm valued him and gave him a second chance. The 2nd was someone who defruaded a charity and was found guilty at court. A prospective employer had liked him at the interview but he'd told them about this fraud at his interview and a CRB check confirmed it. I was able to tell the employer I didn't know him that well but had no reason to believe he would repat the same and I understood he'd had some extenuating circumstances at the time. Because what I said tied up with what the guy had told the employer and obviously his CV and hsitory was previously good, they gave him a chance. . And recently I dealt with someone offering to vounteer and organising their enhanced CRB check. He was currently doing paid sessisonal youth work with the council . 10 or 15 years previously he'd been behind bars for drug possession and supply and it wasn't a small amount. I know these people's circumstances are different from yours in that they did deliberately commmit their crimes, but just trying to say life is defininitley not all over for you. Stay strong and you'll get through it.
  7. Can you not put them in a seperate file within your email address if it becomes an issue so they can't see your private mails, or create a new email address just for this purpose?
  8. To be honest from a financial point your situation doesn't seem much different from anyone else affected by losing their ESA after 365 days if put into the WRAG group and have a prtner who works, or have savings . Or those who chose to pay a hefty contribution into a decent work pension sheme which pays an occupational life time pension if the person becomes too unwell to work prior to retirement age. The government estmated there would be a minimum of 40,000 people affected by this change in the first year of its introduction 2012 I think , and thousands more in as the years pass by. You'd probably be better trying to appeal to be put in a late appeal to be moved into the Support Group of you meet any of the descriptors , or having a benefit entitlement check done by CAB to see if when this change happens you'd be eligible for any extra help with HB or LHA and council Tax allowance.
  9. No need to Rae, allegedly he bought her a Muberry handbag not too long ago.
  10. Solbert surprised to see you're still being allowed to post on here. See MSE have already shut you down with this username.
  11. 6 points is the score for not being able to go somewhere unfamilair unless accompanied. If getting to familiar places unless accompanied had been awarded it would have given you 9 points which would have given you the extra 3 points you needed for ESA. If you're unable to go anywhere unless accompanied , maybe you need to get this point across better on your next ESA application?
  12. Are your OH's blackouts always instant or does he get even just a few seconds notice he's about to pass out? Was wondering if a social services home monitor alarm key systems would help. Can wear the panic alarm button on a neck cord.Simply press and it alerts social services help is needed 24/7. . When the alarm is set off someone will initially try to talk to you via a monitor , but if they get no response they automatically send soemone form social services home team out, and or with a nurse if needed. You can nominate 2 keyholders for them to contact, or fit a keysafe in a nominated safe place on your property so they can gain access.. I've just had the system fitted recently. My OH has found it quite reassuring to know help is at hand if I get into difficulties like this. He works full time, about 70 minutes drive from home and we've no near neighbours. They also connected a fire and C02 monitor to the sytem which alerts them automatically if there's a problem.
  13. Assuming by Eye Infirmary you mean the same as an outpatient Eye Clinic at hospital? If so give them a call to se if they can fit in an appointment for you as you're ahving bother and used to attend there for nnual check ups. Our eye clinic alway fits you in if you call in with a problem. If they've actually discharged you, ask your GP to re refer you to the clinic. I'm a type 1 diabetic with glaucoma and I think it's every two years for free eye tests at opticians.
  14. What steps does your Job Seekers Agreement say you've agreed to do each week? Does it mention looking or using Universal Job Match? I think if it's mentioned in your JSA then you have to comply and show you've looked at it. Despite the fact everyone says UJM's not much use.for finding real jobs. Better and more expert advice will follow when other posters are online. Good luck.
  15. It would be Antone for a type 1 diabetic as they need both daily insulin injections and regular food intake to avoid insulin and hypoglacemic comas. Without either one of the 2 , ie insulin or food, a type 1 diabetic is likely to land in A&E as an emergency admission within 2 to 3 days max.
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