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  1. No Just got off the phone to the council and will be talking to the man how is dealing with the case tomorrow. Ferd32
  2. From one end of the bit of grass all the way around the inside to the other end of the corner. dose not go to the black car. Ferd32
  3. Yes you may be right with the bend It's co10 0us
  4. The school is for years 1 to 4 (junior) and there are no restrictions notices any were to be seen. The entrance side of the road has always had zigzag lines and they are evenly spaces each side of the entrance. There are no other road markings as the school is right in the middle of the housing estate in a small village. And I would always put a Childs life and safety first as I have three It’s not about profit All I am asking that the new lines be fairly placed that way it would not affect anyone how lives here. But because they are not placed evenly I have copped the lot
  5. Well if they did we missed that. It’s only really affected us as our neighbour is an old lady how dose not drive. It all stated yesterday when a work man knocked on the door and asked if I could move my car. I asked why and they said they were putting down zigzag lines. I asked where to and he pointed out a white dot that was all the way pass our house and most of the way pass our neighbours house to our right. I then looked on the other side and it stopped at my neighbours dropped kerb. I must point out that we are all on a shallow corner and the zigzags go about 5m to the left
  6. Hi I hope you can help me. Is the a process in which a local council have to follow in order to put down zig zag yellow lines out side a school on the road were before there was none? And would the process involve informing home owners near the school? Ferd32
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