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  1. hi stupid question but do i write to my local welcome office or the address on my agreement which is nottingham??????
  2. Just So I Know....what Happens If They Dont Have An Agreement,or If They Havnt Signed It?? Where Do I Go Next???
  3. Ive Written One Will Post Out On Tues(bank Hol And All That) And Then See What They Come Back With...thanx
  4. Sorry No Scanner...my Agreement Looks The Same As Emmilou1's Exept That Mine Syas Pre-contract Info At The Top...that Prob Does Not Help You At All Does It??
  5. Also Should I Pay Interest On Acceptance And Option Fee??
  6. Weve Since Had This Modified As We Couldnt Afford The Repayment The New Paperwork Is 3 Pages And That Also Says Pre Contract Information....none Of This Is Signed Or Dated By Us Or Them And Does Not Even Have Anywhere To Sign It
  8. ive just noticed that my agreemant says PRE-CONTRACT AGREEMENT at the top of the page....weve never recieved any other paperwork for our car or agreement....anybody any advice on this?????
  9. this may sound like a pretty dumb question.......our credit agreement was signed in 2008...does this mean that i cant do anything about it???? i keep reading about agreements that were made before 2007 being unenforceable but nothing later....anybody know???????
  10. we did take them out but then cancelled them within the 30 days so never paid a penny for those. for the cca request do i just write them a letter asking for it or do i need some sort of form or something....they seem impossible to contact,we get phone calls from our acc manangers personal mobile and home numbers,she even txted us a while ago to say theyy had recieved a payment...very odd. we have an appointment with cab next week so hopefully they can shed some light on all this.
  11. im in the exact same situation,option fee being charged interest on and none of my agreement is signed by welcome and is not dated at all! really need to know where i stand on this as we are thinking of sending our car back as we can no longer afford it...any advice welcome! thanx
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