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  1. Technician came today (26/08/2009). I outlined problems. He admitted that table leaves had not been fixed to the table when he inspected it at the warehouse. He tried to fob us off about the different shade by saying that the table is not from the same piece of wood. However, the table is oak and the defective table leave resembles a beech colour. Apparently, the poor alignment of the table leave is because it will not lock in place, yet the other table leave aligns really well even when unlocked. He admitted that he had missed the poor finish of the legs. His excuse for missing these things was the lighting in the warehouse. He has now gone to discuss what they can do for us this with Cousins.
  2. We bought a dining table, sideboard and chairs from Cousins in May 2009. The table and sideboard were delivered damaged. Cousins sent out a technician, who repaired sideboard, bur recommended that table was replaced. They sent a table, that was allegedly inspected, in June 2009. This was also damaged so we refused it. They then sent out another in July 2009, but this was also damaged. We phoned Cousins, described the defects and refused the table. The delivery drivers also pointed out some of the defects when inspecting the table with us. Meridy, allegedly the customer service rep, said that she would have to get the table inspected as the technician had already previously it for delivery. We explained that we were going on holiday on the 29th July so we wanted a reply by the 27th. She did not phone back. Instead, she waited until we went on holiday and then left repeated messages on the answer phone. Each message was stroppier than the previous, with one even asking why we were refusing to take her calls! Upon arrival from our holiday, we checked the messages and then i phoned her. She claimed that the table we had refused was perfect. I again pointed out the defects but she steadfastly refused to listen. Allegedly, she and the technician could not find anything wrong with the table - how can you miss indentations on the table leaves or a crack in the wood on the table edge? She eventually agreed to send another table. Last Friday, we went to the warehouse to check the "new" table. We checked the table top and legs. It appeared fine, so we asked to see the leaves. These were unpackaged and shown to us. They did not put the leaves into the table. Today, the table was delivered. The table top now had a mark on it (lacquer was chipped and then this had a blue ring around it). Ii rang Cousins immediately and they asked us to accept the table and then they would get a technician to come out to us. The delivery drivers then put the table was together. We noticed that in better light you could now see that the table legs had been finished roughly. The drivers then put the leaves in. One of the leaves was a noticeably different shade and it would not lock into place. I phoned Cousins and was told that Meridy was busy. I explained the defects and was told Meridy would ring with the hour. SHE NEVER DID! I phoned Cousins, spoke to Meridy who claimed that she had not received any message about phoning me back. When i explained the defects, she was arrogant, rude and condescending. I was told that i had already inspected the table so had to accept it. I complained about the leave being a different shade and not locking. I was told that this was impossible and that she had also personally checked the table alongside the technician. She would not budge from her opinions. I offered her to come round to the house and inspect the table herself, if she was so sure - she refused! I offered to take photos and email them to her - again she refused! Her attitude was so poor that eventually i asked her to put me through to he line manager - she refused and i was fobbed off with a story about there being no line management structure at Cousins. Whilst discussing with her, i asked her to give me the name and address of the operations manager. At this point she became slightly more amenable and offered to send a technician to inspect the table. I refused this, but she refused to tell the drivers to take the table away. I am so annoyed that i have spoken to Consumer Direct and posted two letters - to Cousins and the credit firm supplying the 0% interest free credit, to rescind my contract. Is there anything else i should do - is it worth writing a letter of complaint to the Operations Manager? Will i get all my money back if i rescind that contract? Please, please let this be a warning to everyone - IMHO no one should buy anything from Cousins Furniture Store.
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