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  1. Thanks for your reply. I thought about that but I did the CCA & SAR 3 years ago. They cashed the cheques at the time and provided the information.
  2. Hi. I've been in dispute with Lloyds TSB over an unenforceable credit card for nearly 3 years. Lloyds TSB & their various DCA's have accepted the account is unenforceable but they are still passing the account around on the DCA merry go round - which is fair enough. Recently I received a letter from Lloyds TSB acknowledging my payment of £10 on to the account back in February - except I haven't made a payment on this account in almost 3 years. I am fully aware of the issue of the debt being legally time barred after 6 years and have no intention of making any payment to Lloyds TSB tha
  3. My friend has other debts with MBNA and a couple of catalogues. Both catalogue companies have admitted no CCA and the MBNA accounts are old Abbey and Alliance & Leicester accounts from the mid 90's. So odd's on they won't have any paperwork. The only issue with CCCS is they'll presumably want to include all the debts in the DMP whilst I'm angling a unenforceability for some of them. Do you think you can do a DMP for the enforceable debts only?
  4. Hi Many thanks for your post. I kind of thought the CCA looked OK. I compared it to my own from Barclaycard and they are completely different - this one seems to have all the bits & bobs whereas mine was missing stuff. No PPI or unfair charges. I guess we'll have to talk to them about some kind of DMP. Any tips for this? Thanks again.
  5. Cheers for your reply. I confess to committing the cardinal sin and ringing them. I said very little other than to tell them that Debt Managers Ltd had confirmed there was no agreement and the account was unenforceable. I mentioned the OFT and CPUTR which seemed to do the trick. She said they weren't aware of the ongoing dispute / admission of unenforceability and had just been sent the debt along with a batch of many others. I'm going to send the letter you suggest and hope they bounce the debt back to Lloyds . Thanks again.
  6. Interesting development. After months of ping ponging letters back and forth to various DCA's and fending them off, today I've had a letter from Fairfax Solicitors in Leeds asking for full payment or they will issue proceedings in court. This despite the fact that Lloyds admit they have no CCA and the last DCA, Debt Managers Ltd confirmed that "...our client is aware that the debt is unenforceable...". Has anything changed? Can a creditor issue proceedings whilst admitting no CCA and the debt being unenforceable?
  7. Hi. I'm trying to help a friend sort out her debt problems. Her main creditors are Barclaycard (visa & mastercard), Barclayloan and 2 MBNA cards. Barclaycard initially replied with a reconstituted agreement but following a SAR we got a copy of the original. Interestingly the reconstituted CCA is not the same as the original (different interest rate). Would really appreciate advice with regards enforceability. Barclayloan stalling over providing copy of the original CCA. MBNA no reply after 3 months - no surprise there then! My friend wants to sort out a DMP with her cr
  8. Hi I've been trying to start a new thread but can't, so I've posted this on an old one. I have a friend with some serious debt problems and I've been helping her with CCA request and a DPA request. The attached agreement has been produced by Barclaycard following the DPA request. Could someone offer advice with regards its enforceability? Cheers. Brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooce
  9. Spent the last 4 months trying to get Debt Managers Ltd to accept a £1,000 f & f on this card with Lloyds. They refuse & keep on refusing! Can't understand why! Ha ha. Anyway I've been pushing them with this CPUTR stuff to admit they have no agreement (which they did 4 months ago) and admit the debt is legally unenforceable. A letter arrived today which states, "Whilst our client is aware that the debt is legally unenforceable the debt does remain outstanding and we await your proposals of repayment". All this letter writing is irritating because DML are on the ball and respond w
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