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  1. 6 months later and Nada! Still parking on the grass as parking has gotten even worse due to building works. Rediculous!
  2. Too true I think. I am just going to take a deep breath and chill again. I think I feel better having written. Its annoying how this plays on my mind though so that's why I want to do something. Bear with me will probably write again after my next letter.
  3. Its badly badly written on further inspection. I am tempted to send them a letter saying this: I recently received a letter purporting to be from your solicitors alleging an amount outstanding for an incident reference number CNNxxxxxxx. I have been advised to request from yourselves further information on the legal basis on which you are applying this amount and evidence, including photographic of the alleged incidence. I would like to kindly ask that you desist from any further threatening or harassing letters from yourselves or your representatives. Any further correspondence of thi
  4. Have just got the first Trowthans (sp) letter. Am ignoring it as its not signed by anone in particular very general am going to see where this goes!
  5. Sorry I should have been more specific. When and if they take me to court for non payment of their invoice there is a chance they can win? I know I can write them letters with my case start charging them money for each response then once it get to a certain amount file a court case? Actually thinking about it is that not a better option than ignoring their harassment or or we thinking that they will go away well before that stage also does it make my case look better if they do take me to court that I wrote letters? Thanks for the point about the bailiffs vs debt collectors
  6. They do seem able to take you to court so presumably they can win as well. Also what about the annoying bayliffs.
  7. Thank you for the update Radman. Sounds like what I do with council PCN's and I have had all cancelled locally. This though is worrying me more cause i'm not sure where I stand. I've ignored it for a month though now and I am very stubborn and not easily scared and am ****ed off that at my hospital they have reduced staff parking and there rule applications are inconcistent so will fight them if I have to on that basis. Until I get a court summons am going to ignore them. Cheers Stu Mid
  8. Hi have had a similar problem at my hospital. What happenend in your case?
  9. Am reading the threads in this forum and seeing most people rely on the fact that the company can't prove registered owner was driver. In my case however I have a permit for the car park and only I am supposed to use that permit there. Does anyone think this makes a difference?
  10. Sorry if this information is elsewhere I have searched but not found. Is the the situation not different from for example a supermarket car park as I assume they have a parking management contract with the hospital and I although not employed by hospital as such have been given a permit for reduced price parking. I did pay and display that day as usual. I assume they will contact me eventually. I don't believe I gave my address but my concern is if I did sign something I did pay and display so I have fullfilled my part of the deal however no parking available that day so I made a reasonab
  11. I have staff privileges for parking at a hospital where I am training. I don't remember signing anything just giving my information for a permit. I got a ticket for parking on the grass next to a staff parking sign in a full car park out of the way of the other cars. I have seen this done before so assumed it was acceptable and in other areas of the car park have parked on grass many times without issue. I am considering waiting and seeing and appealing if the do contact me. I went away soon after getting the ticket on the day so have missed their 7 day appeal period. I would have pa
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