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  1. Hi All I've not been posting for a while because of the ongoing case I have and I've not really had the time to keep in touch on the thread as I would have liked. I'm at a real crucial point on mine with many aspects before the court. I wanted to thank the many caggers who have been PM'ing me with their support with whom Ive been able to discuss a few aspects of my case with before trial I've received a number of Pm's lately from caggers who are being asked to post on behalf of others and just double checking that the posts are not detrimental to my case and future cases for the rest. Thank you for keeping me informed - I appreciate it. What I'd ask is: If you don't understand what you are posting then please don't. If you don't know if it will cause long term issues for other cases then please don't post it on someone's behalf. We had situation not so long ago when a cagger posted for another and it was evident it was to get at another cagger. A little embarrassing for one or two people, not good or helpful. I have it straight from the horses mouth that the trolls are directed to this thread for our arguments. It's by keeping quite that I've succeeded as far as I have. Just waiting for the final leg now. Caro made an excellent point about sticking to particular aspects of cases until other matters have been decided on at Court. Fantastic advice. No point in arguing something you don't fully understand or something you've not researched for yourself. It's your home at stake and it's in your hands. No one else's. Thanks again for your support and keeping in touch. It's really helped I'll post as soon as I have something concrete for you, case not up for a few months due to court listings. Confident we'll have a good Spring/Summer Best wishes Busterg
  2. I questioned the trading names and was told it was irrelevant. LOL Won't stop me asking questions - just makes me more determined. Good post pkelly
  3. Sparkie Before you fly the coup, Just wanted to clear up the CCA point you've raised here. YesSwift Advances can't collect money but that is in relation to Swift 1st Ltd customers. They can of course collect their own. I think people should make sure they get that clarified with the OFT themselves. The possession proceedings issue is still to be clarified so I wouldn't like to say either way until such time as it is. I don't want anymore jibes about missinformation and such coming your way. I can only think of making sure everyone gets this qualified for themselves. It's no hardship. If it's that important then its soemthing you make sure you do for yourself. I know alot of us on cag do that anyway.
  4. TIE, I know what would be really helpfull to someone in my situation and many like me. As a result of the problems experienced with Swift, it's lead to my credit rating being shot. This is by trying to maintain the high interest rates hikes that I was not aware would happen for at least 12 months (have my contract to prove that now and my underwriting sheet). I had to make my repayments a priority. I would dearly love to move onto a high street lender or any honest lender - (don't laugh caggers) how can I do that now. Could you help as a banker. Are there any banks you could recommend? Sorry SP mistakes LOL. Don't want blasting over it:)
  5. Okay nine for greek and I will spell it phonetically is en-a-ah. You want 1 to 8 and ten as well? LOL:)) I could teach you 1 to 10 in Japenses as well if you want.
  6. I tried the broker issue but my then solicitors' ineptitude knew no bounds.
  7. HI SJ Ive never had a pleasant experience speaking with Swift staff. It's gotten so bad a times that having been called a liar effectively until I challenged that tapes be pulled and listened to, that Ive actually been physically sick at the thought of having to call them up. No joke I say this in all honesty. That's how bad an experience Ive had with them. I don't know if it's the stress they are under themselves or what??? But getting customers to that point and far worse is just beyond belief to some that have never experienced anything like it. TIE, Good to see you back on the thread I was gonna ask a serious question if I may, if an equitable assignment is made, and a customer wants to counterclaim an action or indeed bring an action about themselves, would they need to include the new co-owner to proceedings as 2nd Defendant? I think if it is an equitable assignment then to bring an action against a debtor like me for example would also need to include the assignee. Is that right? It's just with a full legal assignment I think the NEW lender then can bring the action in their own right. I know this is a straight forward question. But, I know Im gonna get a less the complicated answer. Any chance of small steps. Ive tried going through the thread but it's gotten a little muddled at times. Im hoping you can help some of us getting a better understanding in laymans terms. Some are looking at unfair relationship claims at the minute and I think it would be of some help.
  8. LOL. I've just took forever trying to catch up with the thread. You go off the grid for a while it goes off. I've been missing out on the good stuff. 7 guests at the minute. Feels like im counting crows.
  9. Thought I was the only one playing out late. lol
  10. OMG thats not good for them. LOL That just opens it wide open for all of us. I mean EVERYTHING! lol worth the wait mate. It really has been. Cheers. Thanks Sparkie for all your efforts and giving the thread the heads up.
  11. Oh me neither. It's frustrating though waiting for it. It just takes so long for them to investigate. I think this is where money and resources should be given to them to help people like us quicker.
  12. total sense - totally agree. Did you go to the link?
  13. As LFI said Marky it takes time........ Credit Today online I know you're angry and frustrated - we all are. But I've asked you before and I'll ask again.....what are you doing to resolve your personal situation with Swift? Im not having ago at all, so please don't think I am. It's just that waiting on others is no benefit in terms of how you are feeling or moving things along for yourself. Taking action like WLB is doing goes a long way.
  14. It cert does. Thanks Suetonious. I think I've come across one of yours before. Maximus Glutus of the third something or other. Not a badden at all. Must run in the family.
  15. I've tried looking at this which is why Im eating cookies and the devil is chasing the cat. lol. Just trying to nail some other stuff and Ill have another look at it again. Cheers Ears. Factor 30 please fretfull!!
  16. Mines a mortgage unfortunatley - but not what I agreed to or was led to believe I was getting. "because it is a regulated mortgage contract under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000" Can anyone tell me if there is an unfair relationship provision under this ACT as that's where I am going around the houses trying to find out. Pardon the pun! I've looked at this ACT and can't seem to to graps the nettle. I bloody hate this FSA crap. I just widh the whole thing would come into the OFT Domain and the CCA ACT full stop. Thanks Frettfull and LFI. Much appreciated.
  17. Well said Doc! Totally agree. I think we are getting back there again after that funny little tie'd up moment that occured. Hope you're good mate!
  18. Chocolate chip by any chance? Tha mi ag iarraidh briosgaid!
  19. Just so you and I are clear my friend - I'm Spartacus!
  20. ha ha ha :D:D If you get no joy with the Colonel, try Svengali or his Black Magic Woman But please bare in mind that whilst on this quest for the roundtree time is ticking away .....tick tock....tick tock. lol:p
  21. Fully appreciate where you are coming from on this and agree. But i think the onus (sp)? is down to that indvidual to make sure they do some research themselves outside of the forum and make sure it's correct. Come on KC, we each need to take responsiblilty for ourselves. it's clear that this isn't a legal advice board/centre it's just full of peoples experiences and information they have obtained. It's up to each of us to make sure what ever action we take is with the full research and knowledge that we each undertake.
  22. I think it's around page 90 or so on the thread. Sparkie posted docs and a good source of refereincing for this WBL. It will start to become a little more clear as you get through it. It's a shame about the CCA though. Have a look on your agreement about when it comes into force T& C's. Mine for example says when they sign the Legal charge and release the money. So when did that happen to you? If after the 6 days then hey it's another ball game.
  23. Well put F38! No one in their right minds would post anything that's in current lititgation which is what some are asking of others. KC - I agree about people posting about outcomes and things regarding their cases ..........if you care to look through the thread you'll notice that many have - including Sparkie which can serve as a guidance to others possible next steps. I don't think anyone is being difficlut on the thread it's just that the roof over anyone's head would lead any sane person to hold their cards close to their chest at certain points. So I for one, wouldn't knock anyone for doing that. I understand tensions are running high at the minute.......but if someone hasn't got an angle on their own situation it makes it a hard task for anyone to explain much. It leads to more confusion for them....I talk from experience. That's why Ive tried to guide WBL to go through the task of going through the thread because it will give rise to more people giving advice and help simply because they are not back tracking on what's already here on the thread. It also gives newbies the chance to really get to grips on various avenues relating to their particular case. So yes it is a sharing site.....but it's not a CAB full of qualified people. Great posts like WP3 really help!! I wouldn't dream of posting anything that would be potentially predjudical to my case and many others. I'm not having ago - but can we cut some people some slack here. On a serious note - does anyone know the secret receipe for the KFC Gravy??
  24. I think it's still on going. We'll probably know more in the next few weeks or so. I'm just plodding along with my stuff and relying on no outcomes from anyone. That way I know where Im at and what I need to be doing. I have to admit it's stopped me getting as wound up as I once was just because I feel like Im dealing with it. lol:) Have you made any in roads with yours? Have they come back to you about rate hikes etc? or are they just fobbing you off like the rest of us? Give me a PM when yo get a chance.
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