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  1. I bought a top from warehouse last week. It stayed in the bag a couple of days and when I got it out it was creased so I decided to iron it. A few days before I was hemming a trouser leg using that sticky hemming tape stuff and a tiny piece of tape must have got on the iron because as I put it on the top (it was on the correct heat setting) it ripped a hole in the top. I still have the receipt - can I return it?
  2. Yeah thought so. I'm gonna fight it though, I don't think it's fair so nothing to lose really as I've already probably lost the money and maybe they will stop putting that clause in their agreements if I go all the way with it. I can't see how they can call it an administration fee when it doesn't cost them that much to administrate the change, they're not even doing anything it's all me and the energy suppliers! Seems like a sneaky way to extort money out of people because that's not the sort of thing you would expect to find on a tenancy agreement, people probably get stung by this all the t
  3. If it does have a clause in the tenancy agreement to this effect does this mean they have me over a barrel? Just because a clause is in there doesn't make it just and lawful? they wrote the agreement themselves after all so they can put whatever they like in there. I will check tonight but have a sinking feeling it's probably in there
  4. Thank you for your replies, I will have a look around for that post you mention. How do I go about starting the proceedings for this? Should I wait until they give me my deposit back and just see if they follow through with what they have threatened?
  5. Hi, Another question for anyone who can help! I asked my landlord (they are a property company) if I could change energy suppliers over the phone last year, they advised me I could as long as I provide them with the new reference number which I did. I've just moved out and on the check out form I see they have said if I've changed without written confirmation from them that it will be £100 admin fee. I'm guessing they would take from my deposit? I'm not happy about this, they told me I could but I have nothing to prove this, anyway it's my money paying for the supply surel
  6. It's a first floor flat. I've just spoke to shelter and they have pointed me in the direction of the landlord and tenant act 1985 that says he is responsible for keeping the exterior of the building in repair which would include doors and windows. I'm hoping if I ask nicely and don't go in too aggressively he will consider my request? After that it's environmental health apparently which he may not respond well to!
  7. Thank you for those links! Very helpful No it's not a fire door per say but I found something in those links that says any door to the outside needs to be fit for purpose but it was more like a general piece of advice rather than legislation for landlords so not great! I rang up a window company they said they may be able to fix it for around £250 but they won't know for sure if they'll be able to fix until they've taken in apart! It's one of those fiddly turn and slide doors that you pull backwards and slide, the hinges are probably shot but they won't know until they take the door
  8. I rent a flat and the door to the balcony has never been in operation, I am concerned that it is a fire hazard and I would like an extra exit from the property in case the stair well is out of action for some reason. I have never bothered to ask the landlord about fixing it until now as I was sure he would refuse. Is there any legislation regarding safety regulations in rented property that may help to back me up when I do ask him? I am hoping he will be reasonable and see the fire risk but if he doesn't I would like to have some information to fight my case with. (My flat is in such a p
  9. So how do I contest? Do I just go there and tell them I bloody well sent them a letter and that's the end of it? It seems like such a ridiculous thing to go to court over, the new owner sent off for a new log book so it's not like the car disappeared into thin air. Not like not declaring sorn or anything which I can understand? I will probably be entitled to legal aid, do I get to see a solicitor before the hearing who can tell me what I need to do to plead not guilty? And if I plead not guilty and they still find me guilty does that make the fine wors
  10. I had a chat with her today and they said because I am a good tenant they will agree to 795 so I think point proven at least I feel it's a more fair increase. Thank you for your help I'm pretty sure I'll have the same issue next year
  11. I moved into the property a year ago and have signed 2 six month AST agreements so far. To be honest yes thing are really tight at the moment and I'm concerned if they serve me with another increase like this next year they will price me out of the property and I will have to move elsewhere. I love it here and do not want to do that. My salary and housing benefit aren't increasing anywhere near 4% this year. It just seems like a lot to me it's like £370 extra a year. Other properties are going for 795 which I think is fair. If I moved out this is what they would advertise property for. It's
  12. Hi, I currently pay £775 a month in rent to my landlord, they are a property company and own lots of houses. My tenancy is due to end the 24th January. I completely forgot and first call I get about it is today from one of the admin girls at my landlords office. She says to me they need to increase the rent by 4% to £806 a month. This seems like a massive increase to me, I understand and will accept an inflationary increase but I just want to understand my rights as a tenant and wether I just ave to grin and bear it or if I can negotiate. I've had a look on right move and in my area 2 bed
  13. Hi, Hoping someone could give me some advice! I sold my old car back in May/June 2013 time but I realised when the guy came to collect it that I'd lost the log book. He said that's OK he'd apply for a new one and that I should write to DVLA which I did. Now were in January 2014 and I get a court summons on my doorstep today saying I have to appear in court due to not notifying them of a change of keeper! I wrote to them! And apparently they have written to me to negotiate an out of court settlement which I have never received. They were writing to m
  14. Hi mariefab, Thank you for your reply. I was under the understanding that our salary is an annual one which includes working one bank holiday a year, so I don't think we actually get paid a full day when working any less if that makes sense because the one instance of 9-5pm is included in our annual salary? I hope I am understanding that right as it might be wrong. All employees are contracted to work one bank holiday so in my understanding it should be factored into all our annual salaries whether they are pro rata'd or not? Hope that makes sense. On the other issue I will chec
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