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  1. Thanks griffin036 I CCA'd them just out of intrest really, my account is ok, but have paid default charges for late payment or going over my limit, which happened not to long ago, I did ring them to ask why they let me go over my limit they repiled with in case it was an emergency they will let you go over your limit. (I think so you have to pay them a default charge which i had to).
  2. Thanks griffin036 With it only being an application form, doesn't this make any differance. and also it doesn't mention anything about default charges so could i claim these back.ie late payments etc.
  3. Hi Everyone, Just got a reply from Mint with my alleged CCA, which looks like it is an application form has various parts missing as part of the 1974 CCA, could someone with a bit more legal knowledge take a quick look and advise me of the errors and the next steps to be taken Thanks
  4. demonmat

    Mat V Egg

    Thanks Bosund I will SAR them, i have sent for CCA's from co-op, TSB and Mint awaiting for the documents, i sent letters out on the 4/09/09 so they don't have long.
  5. demonmat

    Mat V Egg

    Hi everyone, this my first thread so was wondering if anyone could help me a little, i have been reading as many threads as my head can take, and i decided to send for CCA from Egg and others on 4/09/09. On the 12/09/09 Egg CCA arrived in the post well within time, just wondered if someone could take a look to see if it's enforcable or not, and what my next steps should be. Thanks mat EggCCA.pdf
  6. demonmat

    Toxic Vs Egg Card

    correct me if i am wrong, but i thought they could not pass any info to a third party ie DCA whilst the account is in dispute. Surely Egg know this as you have already sent them the info.
  7. Hi sarajulldin, I am about to request CCA, and wondered if i could have the address for them.
  8. Hi Everyone, Just signed up last week, i have sent off for my CCA ex Northern Rock Card. i will update when get a response.
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