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  1. Help. My partner has just received a letter from Mackensie Hall Specialist Debt Recovery and Trace Solution Provider. It looks like a standard letter that they would send out to anyone with the same name as it says they are attempting to contact him regarding a personal matter and request him to get in touch. There are no specific details on the letter just a reference number for them and a client reference number so we have absolutely no idea what this so called debt is for. He cannot recall ever having owed money that he has not been chased for or already paying back. What should we
  2. Just an update really to keep up the hopes when dealing with this company. Its good news. I sent "I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY" letter (attached) dated 14/08/09. Received letter from Lowell dated 19/08/09 saying they had received my letter and were requesting a copy of the agreement from the original lender. I then receive a letter from Lowell dated 31/08/09 saying the original lender had requested that my credit agreement be retrieved from archive. I sent an "ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE" letter (attached) as it had gone over the time limit given in the first lette
  3. Me and my partner have been renting our house for 5 months. We have an Assured Shorthold tenancy for 6 months, carrying on as a monthly contractual tenancy dated 28th March 2009 starting on 1st April 2009. Earlier today i was home having lunch and two letters were 'hand delivered' through the door. The man didn't knock or anything, just posted the letters and left. The letters are addressed to our landlords and also 'any other occupiers', hence why i opened one. The letter is dated 29th September 2009. It is an official court document stating an eviction notice saying we must leave the pro
  4. Having looked at various websites it seems that under the direct debit guarantee my bank is responsible for giving me a full and immediate refund of any incorrect payments, does this apply for bank charges incurred as a result of going overdrawn due to the incorrect payment?
  5. I have just received my bank statement and BT have taken out a direct debit for an account with them that is not mine. I have spoken to them and they agree i am not the BT account holder linked with the payments and they insist that the sort code provided by Mrs X is not the same as my sort code. They provided me with Mrs X's name and address and advised me to start a fraud case against them. I have a BT account with them and i pay by direct debit but from a completely different bank account to the one that this said DD has been taken from. What is the policy for setti
  6. No i did not give them my current address. I imagine they have taken it from the council tax records or somewhere?
  7. Yes, last time i spoke to someone was to make make a payment on 18th August 2004. I have moved since then and may not have been receiving any letters/statements from them and then out of the blue comes a letter from Lowell. I have a few creditors that i am paying off through Payplan but barclaycard is not one of them.
  8. Help me PLEASE> I am in receipt of 2 letters (to my parents address) from Lowell Financial regarding a barclaycard credit card i had in 2003/04. Last contact with barclaycard was 18th August 2004. The debt back then was around £400.00. Lowell Financial are claiming an outstanding balance of £729.21. I have written to them with the standard letter "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company......" (addressed from my parents address) and have received a letter (to my current address) saying they may require more than the given 12 days as they are requesting a copy of the agreemen
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