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  1. Hi dx100 Thanks for the information. Just to let you know that I have today received a letter from the Financial Services Compesation Scheme confirming that I may be entitled to compesation from them because Welcome Finance was declared in default on 2/3/11. I a m getting this form in and lets see what happens next. willToDo
  2. dx Hi I have been away. Welcome still have not finalised my claim but sent me a letter that due a backlog cannnot meet the deadline, and advised me to take matter to Fiinacial Obdus if not satisfied. Is this their standard procedure.
  3. Hi dx100 Welcome have sent me a letter of acknowledgement of receipt of my completed questionnaire and say they aim to deal with my complaint within 8 weeks, were the questionnaire is returned to them promptly. I received the questionnaire on 10/12/10 and completed and returned it on 21/12/10 by guaranteed next day delivery. They actual confirm that they received it on 22/12/10. Do you think they are justified in saying it was not returned promptly and therefore may not conclude their investigation within the deadline. Welcome says if they cant meet the deadline they will write to me exp
  4. Hi Surfer Yes it was installed on 7/10/09 as I said in above post the company that installed the boiler only gave us 1 year warranty. Thanx for the information will read the suggested post and contact the company that installed the boiler. willToDo
  5. Hi All First time in this forum. I have Building and Contents Insurance for our house which we had an optional Home Emergency added to it. A few weeks ago our boiler broke down and we called Nationwide sold the insurance to us to make a claim on 25/11/10. A one of their supposed contractors XXX Mxx Ltd (I am not sure about the policy on use of third party names on this forum and therefore I have used a psuedo) came to our house and inspected our boiler. The engineer advised us that some parts were needed and he wanted to seek authorisation from the insurance company and will be back withi
  6. Hi All Just an update regarding post 31 and 32 above. Questionnaire has now been completed and sent recorded delivery to Welcome. Took on board all the advice from other caggers on this forum. Thanks folks. Together we can make it. willToDo
  7. Hi dx100 Sorry for asking what might appear as "dumb" question. How do I "PM" one of the caggers in the forums who might have expertise in an area that I am not sure about. I have nothing specific at the moment but was just wondering how I do this if I come across some useful infor in my readings. Thanks for your continued kind support dx. BLESS U willToDo
  8. These are are the missing pages from post#31 above questionnairepp5.pdf questionnairepp8.pdf questionnairepp7.pdf questionnairepp6.pdf questionnairepp3.pdf
  9. Hi All I have yesterday received a response on my claim from Welcome. Basically they have sent an acknowlegement letter, complaint handling procedure sheet and ppi consumer questionnaire(i presume thats the one that you said they will send next, dx100Uk) I have posted all the documents received. Any ideas how to deal with this one much appreciated folks. I am sorry the scan quality is not good but I suppose there is someone who has dealt with this. Sorry I am having problems attaching pages 3,5,6, and 8 of questionnaire. will try again regards willToDo questionnairepp2.pdf questionn
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