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  1. Hi BF. Did they reply and did they state that it was their 'final response'? If so, you cannot go back to the FOS now as far as I know. I believe they allow it in exceptional circumstances but exceptional might be something like you have been out of the country with no post etc etc since you made the complaint. But worth a try as DX says. Mike
  2. Thanks again DX. Sooo long ago now! But prompted me to read through the history again. Will think some more but doubtful that I'll progress this. Mike
  3. Edit: I meant it certainly was an online application Mike
  4. Certainly was dx. However, as I missed the boat with the FOS it leaves me in the tricky position of me having to take them to court and the onus of proof will then sit squarely with me. I had my DSAR info way back from Eggy themselves and I can't find anything in there that gives me the ammunition to go at them with so, short of an admission of them pre-ticking, it's all a bit of a risk. If they call my bluff and go for a pre-hearing prior to allocation the costs could run into a few thousand which is a big risk I can't afford. If I were to be totally honest I'm not confident that I DIDN'T tick a box. I thought about farming this out to a claims company and let them take the risk but they only seem interested in going the FOS route (which isn't an option here) as they love an easy life. Mike
  5. DB, GH and Eddie, Nice to see you're all still about also. Hope you're all in a better place nowadays. Mike
  6. Yes, checked and vanished!! They weren't that bright it seems. The original loan was 7 years so in theory they could have waited for the full duration to pass (would have been April 15) and the DN would have been of no significance. It was sold on some time ago but never pursued (well, not yet at least ) Mike
  7. the Egg card now owned by barclays
  8. Well put in the claim and Barclays have come back with their response they are sticking to the fact that I applied for the PPI on line, blah blah blah and obviously because its past the FOS deadline cant do a lot. Its annoying because I know I was missold this but I will have to wait until such a time as the FOS admit that they were wrong with their time limits and let everyone put their arguments in again. Not even sure if going down the court action route will work
  9. hi Slick need to edit the details out of the letters first and have only ever done this through FB is there another way to do this now
  10. i will be starting another tread soon regarding my daughter and Barclays very interesting
  11. hi slick sorry i'v not been back trying to upload the letters but for some reason photobucket wont let me edit them once i'v uploaded them will keep trying
  12. Yes, I may as well give it a pop and I'll post the result up here. I've had another Egg related issue hanging in the background that may have confused this but that's jusy gone beyond the SB limit and, luckily for me it seems, they seem to have forgotten all about chasing that one up. Which opens the way for me to pursue this one. I'll have a bit of a game with BC for a while and see where it takes us. Mike.
  13. hi have been paying off this account since defaulted on it many years ago when it was still with Egg. Since then I understand Barclaycard have bought out Egg Card Think I got a letter from them but cant find it now. I am thinking of going to Barclaycard to ask for my PPI back with the view to paying off the outstanding amount. Originally asked Egg back in late 2000's but they said no. Didn't know about the FOS then so by the time we did ask it was to late. Having found out this week that Barclaycard are paying out PPI claims that were refused years ago even ones that went to court and lost I am thinking it might be worth a shot
  14. MandM

    Mrs Ms son

  15. Well it is now past the STATUTE 6 YEARS .
  16. (mrs mand m) hi everyone not been on for a while would like to give and update on this account. obviously when the court case went against us we thought that was the end of it,but NO !!!!! a few weeks ago my son in law got a letter through the door from Barclaycard Cust Relations Dept to say they were admitting they were wrong about the PPI claim and would be sending him a cheque for £1058. this is still less than what we had originally asked for but so what. The cheque turned up a few days later. I have now written to the department to ask them for the £600 solicitors cost he had to pay. Has anyone else had this happen
  17. Then...........still don't panic You'll get sound advice on here
  18. I believe that you can but you have to pay for it to be produced. Hopefully someone can confirm that. M
  19. Way to go. You da man! lol Well done for trying, just bad luck on the outcome - at least you gave it a go, so good for you. Mike
  20. So are you OK with this? You have a limited time to 'vary' the order/repayment terms. An appeal is a whole different ball game. Gives them time to line their ducks up so always a risk as you could be exposing yourself to some nasty costs if it goes wrong.
  21. Because he'd have known full well that if they failed on the DN then the rest would have been irrelevant as they could not succeed.
  22. You've let no one down BM. Sometimes it's down to luck. Repayment! - did you agree amount/terms today?
  23. Compliant DN >>> http://i983.photobucket.com/albums/ae316/slinkymary50/10-10-200918-11-03_0094.jpg
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