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  1. thanks for everyones help and info. i think i am going to send a SAR and as long as the information backs up what they have already sent me then i will make them an offer and commence paying it off. am guessing any court will say they have acted 'unfavourably', but not 'illegally'. which on its own makes no real difference and just ends up costing more money for no benefit. whilst i am awaiting a SAR response do they have to hang fire on everything and wait til they have complied before taking anything further?
  2. thank you for your help. is it worth sending them a SAR request? worst case scenario it delays me having to pay them for a while, but hopefully will show up some more information. im also keen to ask them for what the OFT consider a TRUE COPY. and also query the lack of an exact credit limit. there is just a space for the applicants signature. it had a reference number, a few serial numbers dotted around, NATWEST and my name and address printed on it, the rest was all filled in by my handwriting(its awful and unmistakably mine!!). i probably already stated this but i have dated it 17-10-03 and
  3. one hundred percent definitely have not used any credit card in 6 years, this card or otherwise. actually that is purely guesswork on my part so seeing as i am asking for accurate advice i would have to say that i cant confirm i havent used a credit card in that time. its definitely more than 5 years though. im guessing you are angling at statute barred?(is that the correct term) im also guessing that by making payments to the debt company, my legal debt or not, i have shot myself in the foot with a very large gun!!!
  4. no, by my own admission i have made payments of £80 a month up until january of this year. i never questioned the amount and just made a monthly offer, but i am pretty sure i also never actually acknowledge owing the debt if that makes sense? i got a threatening letter asking me to pay x amount a month and i paid it.
  5. read this and it states, if i have read it correctly, that they CANNOT use a photocopy anyway. (page 20. section 2.17) it states that it needs to be a TRUE copy(a reconstituted copy is acceptable) nOT an EXACT copy (photocopy, microfiche or carbon copy). i know all of this sounds like im trying to wriggle out of it, im not. its just after reading a lot of forums trying to find information it sees that these companies pray on ignorance and id just like to be sure before i admit any liability. im sure if the shoe was on the other foot they would do the same to me!!! if you add www onto the link
  6. thanks for your reply. the credit card application form is to natwest, yep i had an account with them, but do not believe it was ever in arrears and i havent banked with them for years so i have no statements left from that time. i moved 7 years ago so as you can imagine i dont have statements going back beyond that time. in fact i dont have my statements going back beyond around 2007 long after i stopped using natwest. the company i was paying to is CL finance and the solicitors they are using are howard cohen. i may not be the cleverest person but i am pretty sure that they are probably part
  7. just another thing to add. having reread the copied paperwork they have sent me it appears to be an application form and agreement form. it was for a credit card so im not sure if this makes a difference?? it says 'APPLY TODAY TO RECIVE THIS GREAT OFFER'. i thought it had to supply details of credit limit etc....as i say i am not disputing the amount if i legally owe it, but filling an application form in is surely not a guarantee of acceptance and thus may in reality prove nothing!!! as i say i was having a lot of personal problems and probably applied for 10 cards!!! not smart i now know, b
  8. On the 23rd of March 2011 i received a letter from Howard Cohen Solicitors stating 'Notice of pending legal action' dated 21st March 2011. This is a company i admit to paying £80 a month for the last couple of years. By my own admission I had some personal problems a few years ago and my finances got out of hand, i paid the £80 a month not because i knew i owed it, but because there was a chance i owed it and i was very naive. I am hopefully a little less naive now and after viewing various forums i decided to stop paying them and see what they did. Anyway so i rep
  9. Thank you for your help. I have checked all correspondence and it is definitely saying 'CIT Group (uk) Ltd', if it is a typo it is on thier system as such. I will sit back and await thier response to this, fingers crossed it will be the end of the matter as i do not believe they will be able to produce any agreement as i dont believe i owe the money!!!!! Just one last question.... are all debt companies based in worthing?? or is it one company trading under a million different names??? having read through a few posts on here and other sites this certainly appears to be the case
  10. hello. I hope i have posted this in the correct place, my apologies if i havent. I have recieved a letter from a company called 'red castle recoveries' stating a debt to a company called 'CIT Group'. I do not believe the debt is mine and replied with the standard letter requestiong credit agreement etc. Today i recieved the following letter back by recorded delivery, obviously i have edited it for ease of posting, rmoving the account details etc, but this is the text of the letter in its entirety. 'Dear Mr ****** We acknowledge reciept of your recent letter. We have re
  11. Right i have found it, and it only took two hours!!! I am not very pc literate so I will write out word for word the portion i feel is relevant. 'Before A PROPER OFFICER sitting at (county court address in full) Upon neither party attending To The Defendant The claimant has objected to the rate of payment you offered. The court has therefore decided the rate at which you should pay. You must pay the claimant £xxxxx for debt(and interest to date of judgment) and £xxx for costs.' Am i right in thinking that that is pretty clear that they should NOT be charging me a
  12. not to hand as i am in the process of moving house and am struggling to find anything, although i willl look for it now. is there a way i can get a duplicate copy of the judgement if necessary? I saw on another thread in a similar sort of situation someone had told them to make a request for some paperwork to the person i owe the debt to. would this be a help in this situation?
  13. ok. does this mean that the amount that the judge awarded the CCJ for is the correct and final amount that i am paying back at £x amount a month?no more, no less?
  14. Thank you for your help. I hoped this was the case, I will write to them immediately. fingers crossed.....once again thank you
  15. Hello. Im a first time poster so please excuse me if i seem naive or am in the wrong place, if so i apologise. I recieved a CCJ about 3 years ago due to a debt with a well known high street lender and have been paying a monthly amount without missing a payment. Recently i recieved a statement and all my payments were on there correctly, but hardly any of the balance had reduced due to them charging me interest on the monthly payments. Can they do this??I thought that when they made the claim to the court that they included all interests that they felt due to them within the amount th
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