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  1. Hello, and thanks for replying. The original parking fine was just over £100.00.A letter was sent previous to this form JBW. My car was taken away by a JBW baillif. I was not in at the time and it was his first visit. He had to call upon many neighbours to ask them to move their cars to allow the truck access- embarrassing.The charge was near to £800. I paid the fine by credit card. My car was not released until 6 weeks later.I was newly pregnant at the time and needed the car for work. I would like to know what action could be taken to: 1) reclaim the money; 2) be compensated fo
  2. Hello everyone, A bailiff came and took my car on his first visit as I wasn't in. Texts and written correspondant sent have not been answered. I then decided to pay my credit card against their wishes. The payment was accepted but my car has not been released. Does anyone know what my position is here? There has been no contact at all and requests have been ignored. Sabr1na71
  3. Has anyone paid JBW by credit card recently? They say they no longer accept credit card payments, yet if you try by phone it says it is accepted. I have not long called the credit card company they say the payment has been authorized but has not been accepted. It is now in a temporary/holding account. There has been no contact from the bailiff himself at all. I feel as if I am in limbo. Any suggestions?
  4. _____________________________________________________________ Yes, I'd be grateful. Sabr1na71
  5. _________________________________________________________________ Thanks but I am afraid it didn't get to that stage. I appealed at the first stage and it was rejected. The Notice to Owner stage came after this. I am looking to fill out a Form 4 ASAP on the grounds of excessive fees, unreasonable and inadequate amount of time afforded to make a payment before seizing my car (as there was no contact with the bailiff at all; he simply found that I wasn't in on his first visit and took the car). It will soon be two weeks now that they have had my car. There has been no reply at all to my com
  6. Update. Have written to JBW and copied to council concerned. They were given a week to respond but have heard nothing. The next stage is the form four. I would guess that there are existing threads on how to fill out a Form 4 for the county court regarding the excessive fees charged by bailiffs. If so, could someone post the link? Thanks
  7. I went to police station to report it today. They refused to look into it as they say it is a civil offence for bailiffs to charge excessive fees. Happy Contrails predicted this.
  8. ________________________________________________________________ Thanks. I kind of had an idea that was the case.
  9. _____________________________________________________________ I called the office and spoke to the enforcement department. They are the ones who said this. The bailiff himself insists that it could be cash or bank transfer only. Another contradiction. Apologies for not getting back to you before. An oversight on my part, Tomtubby. Sabr1na71
  10. ________________________________________________________________ Thank goodness for people like yourself. Many thanks for your information, Happy Contrails. People are not informed enough nowadays. As he was taking the car away he says he was knocking on my door. Does that count as giving an opportunity to pay? I did not know my car had been clamped and that he would be returning to get the car a few hours later. As I said, I was not in when he took the car. Apologies for the questions but need to be clear on this.
  11. No my car is not on finance. They did a hire purchase check before taking it. It is one of the costs listed in the bailiff's text. It is insured for business use. I did not even see the bailiff, nor the supposed clamp that he claims to have fitted a few hours earlier.I did not speak to the man. I was out when he took the car. Had he knocked when he clamped the car, he would have found someone at home. No note was left to say he had been to clamp, nothing. I was informed that my car had been taken away by a bailiff only when I saw the notice of seizure - it had been hand posted through
  12. ____________________________________________________________ They still have my car. A complaint has been written to the company and a copy sent to the local council who issued the PCN. I have requested written responses only. I am expecting to hear from JBW by midday today.I expect a refund of the bailiff fees. Should that fail, I plan to pay the fine. I would rather pay by credit card. Are there any suggestions as to the method to approach here? This would be then followed by filing a Form 4 with his certifiying County Court. Another question, are they allowed to sell my car
  13. ________________________________________________________ Yes originally I thought the same.I did the online check too, but then called the Ministry of Justice for an update/confirmation. He has recently been a certificate from a County Court at the beginning of this month.The system requires updating.
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