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  1. hi can anyone direct me to the right template to apply for my cca off the above cat company as unsure what one to send as some ive seen have s.77/78 and another just s.78(1) as i dont want to muck up as the importance of letter thanks in advance for help
  2. i was just looking at the anti tamper digital signature which seems a very good idea i was just wondering if anyone could tell me as far as i gather you cant photocopy something like this as will show through but surely you would be able to trace someones sig off a form which has this guard to then put onto another then photo copy so looks like original know it sounds bad im just wondering as if someone could be capable of photo copying without sig guard what stops them doing it this way very interested in replys thanks it just got me thinking as i want to get my cca from citi cards i know
  3. my partner had the same letter regards to the interest shooting up i thought it was bit higher than that though have to dig letter out to find out its unreal at that rate extortianate you ask me
  4. hi all im new on this site so big hi im just wondering has anyone got the address to send off for my cca to empire stores as telephoned to get and as never wrote down properly had to re ring but now have 2 totally different address so unsure where i need to send and im unsure if i have too post in another section but the address for citi (visa card) to do same thanks all in advance for help and also is it advisable to send postal order or can cheque do for the £1.00 which you need to send to request this
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