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  1. Hi All well after getting the letter off fairfax i sent them this slightly altered letter off this forum Dear Sirs I refer to your letter of 20/10/2011, the content of which is noted. No debt to you/your client is acknowledged. On 06/10/2009 I made a formal request by recorded delivery to your client pursuant to s.78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. They have failed to comply within the statutory time limit, or to state whether the agreement exists at all. It should not be necessary to have to remind solicitors that the provisions of s.78(6) now apply. If your clients
  2. Hi Brig yeah they sent a raft of T&C's but i think they are the current ones, oh well looks like i will have to deal with them:shock: i also have a letter from they court which i will post tomorrow.
  3. Hi All Another update.....Connaught have finally sent me my long awaited CCA and i have hopefully posted it here, I am not sure about its validity but i have noticed that Halifax or bank of scotlasnd as it says have not counter signed it. if possible Could somebody cast their eyes over this and give me some advice on enforce ability? they also sent separate T&C's thanks http://s1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb370/busyjerome/
  4. Hi First I have had a look and i have had nothing from MBNA stating it has been sold at all, just a letter from experto stating that varde is "the legal assignee" not one of the letters have a wet signature on them so its all just standard threats. I am expecting the next ploy will be to go through the Northampton bulk center or to send a statutory demand which i am ready for. As another pointer i am going to send this to experto which i sent to lowell and got a reply stating that they were closing the account (see my barclaycrap thread) Claim: ********** 16/09/2011 Dea
  5. Update Not at lot to report just yet i have received a DN notice from experto on behalf of varde "they state i am in breach of the 'payment' clause under under you MBNA agreement which has been terminated" this was the 19th sept nice of them to let me know. I have then received a letter off fairfax solicitors stating the usual blurb payment now ..serious matter...9 days etc I think i will send experto a letter asking them to provide the CCA( again) that i have asked for and they have not provided but now refer to in their correspondence by the way all letters do not have
  6. No more correspondence yet from the court or any of the others...so hopefully no news is good news
  7. Yep safely stored away....it seemed like a quick change of mind from them after getting that request, i think they must have looked at what i was asking for if it went to court and bailed. I think i may use that letter again before it gets to the court stage and see if it works again..
  8. UPDATE Well a good turn up for the books, finally after that CPR request they have responded....."we refer to your recent request for a copy of the original agreement for this account .After liaising with barclaycrap in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that it is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened with you. We are closing your account ...we have closed our file and will not make further contact with you concerning payment against the account unless the agreement is received" Hopefully the end... thanks for all the help and
  9. No more news .............. has anybody read freeman of the land .........very interesting and rings true with me
  10. Update Got a letter stating that no more action will be taken until CCA has been found :lol: no more from SAR but i have been reading some very interesting info on freeman on the land and AFV accepted for value very interesting...has anybody else come across this it seems to ring a bell with me as true and correct
  11. Update lowells have now said they are going to get the CCA from barclays. I have another question that somebody maybe able to answer, back Nov 2009 barclaycrap sent a letter stating that debt managers LTD are now the owners of the debt. Later along the line after numerous bottom feeders i have a letter that has a very dubious barclaycrap logo on it but no address as they normally supply stating "we hear by give notice of the assignment of the debt " this was 10/6/2011 personally i think the letter is fake and not from barclaycrap. After it was sold to debt managers surely barclaycrap wouldn'
  12. I have been calling the courts to tell them the situation but can not get through. I have sent an email to the officer i handed the forms too so i have a record so its a wait and see i think
  13. Thanks ford and everybody I will take everything on board and keep the thread informed as I think other readers might be in a similar position so hopefully this might help them too
  14. My forms were entered on the 23rd of sept and the date on the withdrawn letter says the 22nd of sept, I received it on the 24th of sept. I will send the SAR to them to show i am trying to get all my documents. The clerk at the court said that what happens now is they get sent a copy of my forms,the judge gets a copy and makes a decision 1. conclude there are no grounds to to set aside and dismiss the application 2. decide there are grounds for set aside and arrange a date for a hearing either way they said the court will contact me with the result so i presume the only other scenario
  15. Thanks for the replies, I didn't really have much time to research or get advice so that letter was the closest thing i could find. So as it stands they have withdrawn the SD (even though i have entered the 6.4 - 6.5 forms) so thats the immediate danger and stress delayed. So do you think an SAR to 1st credit is in order to see exactly what they have rather than specific docs that a CPR31.14 request would have to be as you say citizen?
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