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  1. Great thanks for the reply. I have managed to beat off a few DCA's (mercers by far the worst!) and was worried this lot would be just as bad! It must cost them a fair few pennies to chase me like this, this lot are the third company to try it on but seem to have changed approach claiming that my CCA request has been satisfied even though IMHO the CCA is not valid. James
  2. Hi I need some help with this one as Credit Solutions Ltd. have started harassing me recently. i sent a letter stating that the account was in dispute etc. (the same one sent to capquest above) they have written back saying that if i have received terms and conditions this is enough to satisfy my CCA request. They also want to know if i paid the £1 fee and if i have received any documentation from capital one. Just to clarify that i am and have been paying a reduced amount to capital one for a couple of years now and i am not trying to get out of anything rather avoid taki
  3. I was thinking of the sar approach as the account is so old this should get any dca off my back and I can continue to make reduced payments until I sort a more long term soulrion out? Any thoughts? Thanks so much for the help already thank god for forums like this! Power to the people! James
  4. Hi it's a Halifax credit card opened around 1999 ish. I haven't had the account closed yet but I guess this is iminent! I was defaulted a few months ago but to be honest i don't think I have the letter anymore. I paid them this month and have been paying every month reduced amounts since my wife lost her job a year ago. Before then all her wages went on credit cards as I have 10 debtors who each now get a fair cut of my income. I have been looking into an iva as this seems to be a never ending spiral of dcas chasing me and the balances never really going down.
  5. ARGH! Please can someone here give me some advice i'm pooing my pants at them moment! i have received a letter from Blair, Oliver and Scott Limited which reads as follows (i havent put it all in just the important bits): --- Dear Sir/Madam (surprised they dont know my sex if they are getting ready for court action) In a big box it says NOTICE OF INTENDED COURT ACTION Sum claimed ~£8000 Due by 08-02-2010 Account number xxxxx Formal notice is hereby given that our client has instructed us to commence court proceedings against you without delay. Papers ar
  6. I'm going to send this tomorrow: Dear Sir/Madam Ref: xxxxx This account it is in dispute with Capital One and has been since 03-08-2009. Not only is this a breach of the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and the Office Of Fair Trading's debt collection guidelines, but also in breach of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and Data Protection Act 1998. As Capital One are now in default of my Consumer Credit Act request and OFT Debt Collection Guidelines, I consider this account to be in SERIOUS DISPUTE. As you are aware while my Consumer Credit Act
  7. Hello, Sorry for leaving this a while (I'm dealing with 10 different debtors which is proving difficult and am now thinking about an IVA) I got a letter from H L Legal Solicitors this morning threatening court action over the Capital one debt. They are asking for settlement of the debt or a 'satisfactory proposal for repayment' or court proceedings may be issued against me. Anyone have any advice, I'm starting to think ive bitten off more than I can chew with all this. Should I tell them to pass the debt back to capital one as its in dispute? James
  8. FYI blueda was right, nobody called and we've had no further correspondance. James.
  9. Quick update, I have received the following from capquest (debt passed to them just as I did a CCA request so i sent one to them too) Can anyone give some guidance? They say my account is on hold until 03 sept 09 and if i dont pay i'll be passed on to the collection department. James
  10. Hello to all, I after some more help please! I sent a CCA request to Capital one and have got the following back: Can they really send me this to satisfy my request? Do i send the next letter now or wait 30 days? (sorry still trying to get my head round all this) James.
  11. thanks for the advice, i dont expect them to give up easy but was more unsure about if i had a case to fight them which it appears i do thanks. why do you suggest is stop tken payments out of interest? i did read somewhere about 6 years passing with no payment means the debt is wiped off? thanks for the advice so far its been invaluable. James
  12. Thanks for your quick reply, so if they havent produced any paperwork with my signature on it should i send them a letter asking them to close the account and set the balance to zero? (i'm pretty sure someone else here has done that so i can use their letter as a template) James
  13. Hello to all, I have been looking through these forums for a while now and notice that there are a large number of very helpful and intelligent people willing to offer some advice which is why I'm here! I have two halifax credit cards, a 'classic' and a 'one' both taken out pre-2000 (cant remember exactly when) that I have requested a CCA for due to my wife no longer being employed and my financial situation changing significantly. (I have 10 debtors which I am also pursing for CCA's so I might be posting for some more advice soon.) Halifax have only managed to sent me a state
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