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  1. Nick, Thankyou for your comments. I personally have no axe to grind with b&a - all i am trying to do is ensure that my friend becomes debt free sooner rather than later. My main concern from the B&A point of view is the management fees are equating to about 25% no top of what he owes to the creditors. thats alot of money - and thats before we double check amounts etc (again im not suggesting any wrong doing, never harms to double check)
  2. Hi Chattanooga, Yes B&A are charging either 47.50 a month- on his statement there is a box at the top of the page stating that the fees from B&A for managing the plan for the next 24 months (till all paid off) will total £1140!!! he owes around 4K - those fees add 25% to the amount he has to pay off! Im unsure whether to bother to CCA/SAR the creditors as the debts are not really in question per se, but equally i know that B7A are not his best option either,
  3. many thanks DX, What should we look for on the CRA file - to see if payments have been made etc?
  4. Hi, It has been a few years since CAG helped me sort out an issue I had with a DCA - I am now trying to help my friend who is currently using Bains & Ernst. As mentioned he had a debt management plan with Bains & Ernst for around the last 1.5 years. To my knowledge my friend has never requested any information from any of the creditor to check that they are legagly entitled to collect the debt etc. The 2 main creditors are Welcome Finance and a Citi finance loan (on his statement from B&A as capitol collection agencies CCA) I would greatly welcome any advic
  5. Thanks for all the input. I will get the letter off to them tomorrow stating that we did not make these orders/payments, Will have to see what they come back with once they have the letter with all the facts, thanks again, YUB
  6. I think you are correct, Any idea what potentially happens then? is my money gone? cheers YUB
  7. Hi, we did cancel it last week whilst we were on the phone reporting the transactions. The new card has arrived and is now in use, thanks, YUB
  8. Hi, i use the term "charge back" generically as the letters at work we receive come from the "charge back" section. As a retailer we are told that unless we post only to the registered card address and get a signature or we get a full pass with verified by via / secure mastercard etc then we are liable if a transaction gets queried. This is why I use that term. we did not make these orders/purchases and I know that as a result the vendors concerned could not provide the relevent paperwork to satisfy abank. All I want is the monies to be returned to our account cheers
  9. hi both, during our last call we did get them to acknolege that the transactions were fraud. However they would not transfer us to the fraud dept - just the "put it in writing" line generally speaking what if any comeback do we have bearing in mind this is a debit card not credit. I work in retail and we get the dreaded "charge back" letters from our bank. if we can not prove in 14 days (with paper trail evidence) that the goods went to the registered address and were signed for etc we lose our money and it gets refunded. this is what we want to get moving with these
  10. hi All, I apologise if this is not the correct section to post this query. My missus has recently noticed 4 transaction on her Abbey current account that have not been made nor authourized by us. The only card linked to this account is a Abbey visa debit card. We phoned abbey to advise them that we did not carry out these transactions. They said that they will mark them as "disputed" One week later we have received aletter informing us to return the goods that were damaged/not as described and contact paypal and follow their proceedures to get the matters sorted.
  11. I will bow out at this point as 42 man is on the case, It all seems to stink to me and my limited knowledge though. To get an order on your house over a £700 alledged debt, with no cca and when the debt was SB seems most odd, regards, yub
  12. I thought that they had to produce the CCA / agreement ? - with out that what debt where they actually taking you to court over? Just a letter from the bank to the DCA? shocking is not the word!
  13. Strange, Sadly I am not the person to be able to comment on that , and even the exp caggers could not comment without more information, it does depend on the date that you last made payment and or acknowleged the debt in writing - I also beleive the laws are diff in scotland (although i though "in your favour - ie 5 years as opposed to six) Some types of contract i beleive work on 12 years as well. I would start a new thread if you need advice with as much info as possible, regards,
  14. Hi, I have just borrowed this quote from another thread " Your signature needs to be on the same page as the prescribed terms, Credit limit or reference to it, Interest rate expressed as an APR and repayment schedule. " With that in mind I would say that your "agreement" falls into the unenforceable camp. im sure someone with better knowlege will be along in a bit for you to confirm. Regards, yub
  15. do you mean the catalogue company have lost the agreement? or you have lost your copy, I would guess you dont have a lot to worry about judging by the dates and the fact it is a catalogue debt, - if they have lost their copy then it is game over for them! Please start your own thread - copy and past the info you have provided already here into it, Personally I would sit tight and wait for carters to do something worth worrying about. - or paerhaps send the proove it leter yub
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