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  1. Hello, could someone please help me. I have just returned from working abroad, to find that my case, has had a hearing date, which was the 9th September 2010. As i was not present the case was struckout. I was unaware of the hearing date and was out of the UK for 3 months during this period. Is there anyway i can get the case reinstated, or have i lost all my money, including wasted court fees? thanks
  2. do i send a copy to the bank?
  3. i found the relevant info and printed three times.. many thanks
  4. Hello, So this is still ongoing, and at the moment seems a complete waste of time and money, as i am bound to lose!! anyway. its my duty now to provide a fully particularised particular of claim setting of the legal basis upon which my claim is made detailing it by a clear breakdown of the sum claimed. So I have alist of charges, dates, and 8% interest in a spreadsheet. what else should i provide? do i need to write a letter or similar explaining, that i requested hardship grounds, and the bank ignored this? do i tell them im unemployed currently? what should i provide as evidence please someone? i see this in the pdf....... 4.1 The bundle shall contain copies of all documents relevant to the hearing, in chronological order from the front of the bundle, paginated and indexed, and divided into separate sections (each section being separately paginated) as follows: (a) preliminary documents (see paragraph 4.2) and any other case management documents required by any other practice direction; (b) applications and orders; © statements and affidavits (which must be dated in the top right corner of the front page); (d) care plans (where appropriate); (e) experts’ reports and other reports (including those of a guardian, children’s guardian or litigation friend); and (f) other documents, divided into further sections as may be appropriate. Copies of notes of contact visits should normally not be included in the bundle unless directed by a judge.
  5. hmmmm apparently i will be asked to provide evidence at a later date?
  6. ALSO regarding the allocation fee. "an allocation fee is payable if your claim or counterclaim exceeds £1500....... mine is 1400 so does that mean i dont pay a fee??
  7. Also what should i put in this section : OTHER INFORMATION: set out any other info you consider will help the judge to manage or clarify the claim, including any other infonyou consider should be supplied by the other party................
  8. Ok so i have received my notice of issue. I have been busy all week, and so havent posted it. It needs to be in On or by the 21st DEC . It looks like hsbc are disputing the whole claim. "the defendant denies....blah blah" the charges represent aggreed price blah blah...." so I am now to pay an addtional £35 on top of the £70. I am pretty annoyed as its obvious i wont win a penny. so thats £105 i have wasted. As i havent posted it, i am going to hand deliver it tomorrow to the court office with my cheque. not happy about wasting my time or money. but I guess i must see it through.
  9. thanks for the support and advice, I will def be keeping you all updated with the developments of my case. and most probably be needing advice etc. thanks REALLY LIKE THIS FORUM...just hope I have a happy ending, having followed all the procedures stated in this forum.
  10. So I have received my acknowledgement of service from courts. I am claiming £1035.89 in charges from my current acc and £422.22 on my business account. Having just read the news about the banks "winning" their court case. I am pretty annoyed and disheartened. I am wondering ofcourse what the outcome of my case will be. My claim number is 9Q~~~~~~ and this was paid on the 09/11/09 so this will be taking place in a couple of weeks i should think. Not really sure what to expect. Will I have to attend the court hearing. Will my bank contact me in the meantime will the demand the 2 overdrafts be paid back immediately ? kind of in the dark. I have followed this sites instructions so far and this is where i am at. WAITING, all the while still receving huge charges each month, this month £125! I am really losing my patience with HSBC. If i had a huge salary all this would be insignificant!
  11. Hi Hope your getting somewhere with your case. This makes me really worried. I have a claim number from the courts, and my case is going ahead in maybe 2 weeks. having just heard the news about the test case. I am now pretty deiheartened and am still receiving £90 a month charges... maybe my £70 court fee would have bhe charges been better spent on the charges themselves. VERY ANNOYED! and hoping hsbc doesnt do the same to me i.e pay back your overdraft now!!! i am seriously considering closing accounts and using nationwide or something!:mad:
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