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  1. That doesn't reaaly help - I just want to know if the landlord is legally entitled to withold a deposit to redecorate the whole place - even though we have reaaly looked after the place over 2 yrs. I don't trust him as he's a tight wad and has never fixed anything since we moved in and has also never had a boiler inspection.
  2. We have lived in the property for over 2 years now - from new and the property was never redecorated - however when we gave notice on the place - he is saying that we need to pay him to get the place redecorated. Is he allowed to do this? We don't have a current contract (it expired after 12 months) and he holds 1.5 months rent as a security deposit. Help!
  3. seems like £500m was a cheap price for a cracking egg... Pru admits overvaluing Egg as bank is sold to Citigroup - Industry sectors - Times Online
  4. can a mod delete this pls - reason not 2500 it was 75,000
  5. ...and they weren't hers. BBC NEWS | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Woman gets 75,000 bank statements
  6. ...and they weren't hers. BBC NEWS | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Woman gets 75,000 bank statements
  7. sent an email to david owen (bmi legal advidor) stating pay up or face more legal action and costs. cheque arrived yesterday - result! So it was worth the £30 to take them to court!
  8. I did send a letter saying I accept the offer mid december.. nearly a month gone now. I will contact them again asking for the money plus the statutory 8% interest which will add to about £3 - will get me a pint down't pub I suppose...
  9. Here is the letter from BMI outlining their settlement offer. I have accepted this as It was what my claim was for. ImageShack - Hosting :: bmixi0.jpg (they still have not paid it though) :-|
  10. no, they have to prove that their admin fees are NOT baloney
  11. Thanks, my case about bmi was the fact that they wanted to charge £50 to administer the refund and I said that it was unreasonable (taking the unfair bank charges template) They may charge an 'administration fee' (which if it's over £5) is excessive imo- £50 in my case. This is when you take action to take them to court and they have to prove that these 'administration fees' are a reasonable fee for a service otherwise they constitute a punitive charge. Direct action with the courts is often the most efficient way to deal with these leeches. In my case they settled out of court and strongly denied they were punitive charges but I got all my money back just before court date. Once again, don't listen to idiots on here who have strong opinions to the contrary. M
  12. If you go onto woolworths site and buy something there is no mention at all of "click to accept terms and conditions" or "I accept t's and c's" etc. Does this mean that consumers are bound by them if they are 'hidden' ? Also, it would have been reasonable to assume that £150 for a £1000 telly was a genuine offer when they stated: "MASSIVE SAVINGS ON TV's - upto £800 off!!"
  13. I know it's possible to take ryan air to court in England because if the wheelchair fiasco (when they now charge everyone for wheel chairs as a tax) you seem to be doing the correct thing, you just need to find the correct address in england to firstly write to and then issue the court claim. Try companies house website as every company that operates in the UK has to have a registered office on there.
  14. You have an excellent case - better than my bmi one in fact (that was settled out of court at the last minute) just stick with it and don't cave in. It is identical to the bank charges fiasco - dont let anyone tell you otherwise - unless it's a district judge.
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