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  1. My case, although different, may serve as an illustration. I was summonsed by a train operator to appear in court on a particular day. After I wrote a letter of apology to them this action was withdrawn (without even an administrative charge to pay). The police, however, do have access to the court databases and do know of the discontinued prosecution. In my case they chose not to include this information in an enhanced crb. My understanding is that they could have chosen to include it - enhanced crbs can contain unproven allegations at the police's discretion. This is a very contentious
  2. The problem, sadly, is that I have already stated that my CRB is entirely clear - and a lot of discussion has already taken place based on that assumption. I truly believed that statement to be true, without having any doubt about it whatsoever, based on what I was told. Any change of 'story' now would surely mean the loss of my position - and I don't much blame them. My only hope seems to be to keep quiet and bet on the offence not being included in the CRB. Which (I know) is a dishonest act. Both offences were 'Discontinued' x 2
  3. Hi all, I created a thread here a couple of years ago and received a great deal of good advice. This is about the same incident, which I'll briefly summarise now. It was one of the Merseyrail 'Feet on Seat' cases, amusingly so because it wasn't even a deliberate action on my part - I was just sitting cross-legged reading a paper and one foot had accidentally touched the opposite seats. What was deliberate, though, was the fact that when challenged I gave false details. I have been well, truly, and rightly, punished for that, but not in the way you might expect... I was summonsed for
  4. Hi If you scroll to about page 4 of this forum, you'll find a thread about my situation last year. It's called 'False Details on Merseyrail...' because I was very foolish indeed in an otherwise similar situation. It worked out OK in the end, but you won't be having a particularly pleasant time for the next few weeks. Hope the thread helps.
  5. Thank you. It is a relief, but instead of relaxing I took a long walk to calm myself down. Then I took another one. This has been a real scare. It is not until you are about to lose it, that you fully realise the value of not having a criminal record. Thank you all once again.
  6. Well, this seems to have been resolved. I wrote to Merseyrail on Wednesday and copied the letter (along with my previous letter) to the Legal Adviser at the Magistrates' Court. I today received a reply from the Case Management Supervisor saying that Merseyrail had withdrawn the case. No mention is made of a penalty or administration charge. I will phone Merseyrail on Monday and will at least offer some donation to charity as an expression of my gratitude. (I know they collect for a Downs Syndrome charity at the moment, or perhaps they have their own). I do feel extremely grateful fo
  7. Thank you, Old-CodJA, for your further thoughts on this. All of the ideas that I've highlighted in bold were contained in my original letter (as a consequence, of course, of your previous advice!). I didn't copy that to the Court, which was perhaps a mistake. I'm now running out of time - the court case is on September 17th. I haven't yet returned the plea statement but that needs to go off soon. The constant worry is sadly perfectly true. I've just started an access course which is a) quite tough but b) supposed to get me onto a nursing degree. But not only is it difficult to concen
  8. Oh, I don't know. I have no problem with people being fined for putting their feet on the seats, even if it was (as I would claim in my case) more a result of carelessness than design. Telling lies to authority is unquestionably wrong though, and I'm not at all surprised that I'm being prosecuted. For anyone interested in my situation, I wrote to the prosecutors a couple of weeks ago, but have not received any reply. It has been an extremely unpleasant fortnight, because it is becoming fairly clear that if I do get a criminal record then my nursing career is most probably over before it b
  9. Oh yes - they did ask to see it. For the record I am not otherwise known to the railway police, or any others. It was possibly my pride in having a clean enhanced CRB that made me panic at the thought of losing it.
  10. Stigy and SRPO, Thank you for both of your replies. Stigy: There is still time to do something about it, my court appearance is scheduled for mid September. No, fortunately it was a dry day and my shoes were clean and shiny However, I suspect I failed all possible attitude tests by lying. It is quite possible that no action would have been taken for this first offence if I had only been honest. As it is, I have been summonsed for both offences and only have myself to blame. SRPO: Thank you for the advice. I have drafted a letter and will review it tomorrow before postin
  11. OK, this is not too dissimilar to other threads, but it might have points of interest to the connoisseur. I promise to share the outcome too I managed to do something spectacularly stupid on a Merseyrail train a few weeks ago. I was sitting there reading the paper and, as it turned out, keeping myself steady by holding my left foot against the edge of the opposite seat. I have absolutely no memory of actually putting my foot there, but I doubt that matters. I'm not normally a "feet on seats" person - I'm too polite and, frankly, a bit too short - but I doubt that matters at all. Sti
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