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  1. I too have just been approached by them (not sure how) as I haven't filled in any of those [problem] 'clear debt' forms you see on the internet. I ve not called them back despite getting a few calls from them My concern is apart from fees which I guess they charge- its a conincendece they are based in the same area as MBNA and Capital 1 the 2 card people that are hounding me. I am also now getting over 10 calls a day from MBNA + Captial 1 its really stressful especailly since I've written so many times to their Advocate depts. but no luck. Please update anymore info on Brunel Franklin and I'll do the same.




    I also applied to a company on the internet re PPI in 2008 I never recieved a response after completing their forms.I emailed for an update inmid 2008 with no response.A year later this Brunel company approached me using my data from my original enquiry.This was also in connection with capital 1


    Strange very strange:shock:



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