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  1. Just an update, still no response from the bank concerning my complaint sent in concerning the charges took from my account, and the dispute concerning the payment took to pay ebay, they have just sent me aletter now stating I have to pay back my overdrfat now, and if they have to contact me again they will charge £10 per phone call, and £35 per letter etc and they go up concerning the amout of time sthey have to contact me, shame I cant charge them for each letter I have had to send to them concerning their ignorance.
  2. Hi, have sent the letter as advised and the calls have stopped, thanks sea-side lady, all I get now is a letter every other day telling me how much over my overdraft limit I am and to make a payment, I still have heard nothing from the bank concerning the charges on my account since september, also since the bank let a payment go out of my account to "at their discretion so I was told" to ebay when we were already over our overdraft limit a further 7 £35 charges have been added to our account, I have wrote no more cheques, as there would be no point but the bank have allowed 2 cheques to go
  3. So angry, but what did we really expect, I have now been left in a situation where an unauthorised payment took from my account a matter that I have disputed but was told it can take 120 days to sort out, and since september alone due to this the bank have took almost £600 in overdraft charges all of which have left me over my overdraft limit (so who knows how much in the past 6 years) and as now I am stupid enough to bank with halifax with their new charges which begin early dec I am now looking forward to getting a £5 charge aday added to my account, I cant afford to pay what I owe and if to
  4. I thank you kindly for that link, just had another call, 8.50 on a Sunday, try to ring it back though and it says "our offices are now closed etc etc,
  5. Thanks, I need to do something, the bank are just not responding, well thats except for the bank collections who like ringing me.
  6. Thanks, with all of this going on it was the last thing on my mind, everything thats gone in since sept, including a wage slip of the Mrs has all gone on charges, I reallythought that the bank was ok but now I realise how wrong I was.
  7. Hi, just an update, I am still having problems concerning bank charges, I have paid in token payments, and have still heard nothing, it has now been since the 14/10/ 09 when I last had a response from the bank, I sent them in a further letter dated on the same date of the 14/10/09 showing and explaining again about these charges and asked for a response so I can go to Financial ombudsman, yet nothing, I have also just found out that my bank whilst me being overdrawn terribly that they allowed a payment request by ebay for almost £300 to be paid while already being overdrawn our overdraft lim
  8. I was told to ring the police to get a crime number, on speaking to them they said that they could not give me one unless the bank admitted that the payment was wrongly took, but during our conversation he did admit that they had been contacted more than usual about ebay and paypal wrongly taking money from people,
  9. That problem of the extra charges were sent in to ebay 5 weeks ago, with print outs showing the charges and sales showing that she had been charged twice on 5 occasions, and they are apparently still looking into it,
  10. Hi, just got off the phone with for once a helpfull person with ebay and they have actually said that they have no idea why the payment was not took from my daughters bank as her card details are set on her account, and took from mine, which he said is not linked anywhere to her account, they have said they will ring me later on when they have looked into this, as only my daughters card and bank account are linked to her ebay account.
  11. Hi, went to the bank, still not happy, the bank said that it is showing as a card payment , not a DD as I was told over the phone, and they cant request it back, I have again been told again to ring ebay, ebay attempted to take payment from my account on the 25th Oct but payment was declined, and they again requested it on the 30th, yet this time it was paid, all the bank have done is open a dispute which I was told will take 120 days, as the payment took us over our overdraft limit and our account has been passsed to collections the only person that gave me some advice was the person fro
  12. Thank you so much for this very helpful response, they take one look at me in a wheelchair and think that they can take the p,,, I was so angry, now calmed down and ready for in the morning, bank app at 9.00am will be back and let you all know how I get on, thanks again.
  13. Thank you, I never even thought of that , have been totally brain dead due to being so angry, I am at the bank at 9 in the morning, will let you know how I get on.
  14. Sorry I know I rambled but I was so angry, it was took from my account as a direct debit payment. I did ask the bank yesterday to reverse it and I was told that I have to get an admittal from ebay that they took money from my account without my permission and only then they will get me to complete a form for a very lenghty process or so I was told my bank is the halifax.
  15. Hi, thanks for responding, at the moment the bank are telling me I have to contact ebay, and request the money back, its a visa debit card, I am at the bank in the morning and have printed pages from my daughter account to take with me, it clearly shows the only payment method on her account is her own card, she has also sent in copies of the double charge to ebay where it shows that for one sale 2 charges were made on her seller account for each sale she made, at the moment she is still waiting for ebay to get back to her, (the payment they took was for a sale not a purchase and she was disp
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