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  1. I was made bankrupt by statutory demand. If you want to know mail me and I'll be happy to help in anyway I can x
  2. Hi Rapterman. I was made bankrupt by a company in August last year. I was terrified. In total I owed about 70k. I had a very messy divorce where my husband made my house be repossessed and ran up massive joint debt. In all honesty it is the best thing to have ever happened to me. I no longer have any debt and have just got an early discharge. I was allowed to keep my car which is on finance which a settlement figure of 5k. I still have my mobile phone contracts and really nothing at all has changed in my life. It is a lovely feeling though to know that I am now a 'discharged bankrupt'. I have a next directory account which i got while bankrupt. I actually tried to purchase something off their website by card and filled in the pages they asked me to. The next thing I knew the goods were sent to me and they had given me an account. I have a low credit facility with them but it's up to date and is helping to fix my credit. I do not have a payment order in place so we can start to rebuild our lives, and start living again. i know how scary it is believe me. I thought i was going to have a breakdown, but the sun still shines and people still love you
  3. I have just found out that having been made bankrupt on 20/8/2009 I got an early discharge on 03/03/2010! I am so happy! One question......my credit report looks great now with all the debt gone and current things up to date, but i still have 1 ccj showing as outstanding. This was done through the small claims court and I know the individual won't contact the court to have it removed. Is there anyway I can have this removed myself? Will the court remove it? It was included in my bankruptcy as I have spoke to the insolvency office this morning. Many thanks
  4. Hi i was made bankrupt on 20/8/10 and i've just had a letter through about my early discharge. It's only been 5 months. I had to fill out an income and expenditure form and send back within 14 days. Hope this helps, although everyones circumstances are different.
  5. Hi I was declared BR on August 20th 2009. Yesterday I received another letter from HMRC asking for £597.04 which is still owed as an overpayment of working tax. This has been owed for a long time now and they have been recovering some of it from ongoing tax credits. What I want to know is because the debt was before I was made BR, and they had asked for repayment of this debt before BR, is this debt included? What do I do with any letters I receive like this? Do I send them to the OR? Many thanks in advance X
  6. I was also made bankrupt by a creditor in August so had a face to face interview with the OR. Believe me, it was the most civil meeting I have ever had. The OR was sympathetic and understanding and handed me a tissue when I cried, while rubbing my arm. It is nothing to be worried about at all. I made myself ill with worry beforehand and was on sleeping tablets from the doctor. I haven't heard from them since apart from a letter confirming what possessions of mine are exempt (everything). Try not to worry about it. It's nothing at all x
  7. Just wanted to wish you good luck at court. I've been through this too it was painless. The only thing that was painful was the mental torture I did to myself before hand worrying. Please don't worry, you will be fine and this will be a fresh start for you x
  8. Hi Princess I'm in the same situation as you and became bankrupt in August. The OR was brilliant. I have no payment plan in place. I start a new job in a few weeks so will be letting the OR know but I don't think i'll have any excess income when i start working. I still have my broadband, mobile phone etc. Don't worry, it's not bad at all when you have your meeting. I felt overwhelming relief when i walked out of the office. I had made myself ill worrying for 2 weeks before it. If you need to ask me anything, feel free. I'll do what I can to advise x
  9. Jane please try not to be so scared. My total debt was around 75k but i was made bankrupt by statutory demand and didn't fight it. Although it frightened me I knew it would be the best thing for me in the long run. I also have a car on finance, and the OR has deemed it exempt. The finance company are also happy for me to keep it although I am now bankrupt as I have never missed a payment on that agreeement. My house was repossessed after I split from me ex husband. The shortfall is 45k. I now don't have to worry about it. My ex forced it to the point of repossession so now he can take the consequences. My OR was brilliant. I couldn't have asked for someone more understanding. I can now sleep at night without worrying all the time. I wouldn't hesititate if I was you. If I can help you at all, please ask! x
  10. If I were you I would opt for bankruptcy. I'm in the same position as you, single mum, rented house, car on finance. My B/R went through in August. I was terrified, but now that I look back it's the best thing to happen for me. Loads of debt from my ex husband, bills mounting up, house repossessed. I owed in the region of 75k. The Official Receiver was fantastic. They have said my car is exempt; I have no payment plan in place I would seriously consider it if I was you. How much is your total debt??
  11. Hi Nick I'm sure it's ok to have your salary paid into it. All my money goes into my new Co-Op account. I applied for my new bank account just after my B/R went through. The OR gave me the choice of keeping my old halifax account or the Co-Op one. Apparently you can't have 2 accounts so i decided to keep the new one. The OR does not have any details of my new account and I think I've read on here somewhere that they OR cannot just go in and look at your account transactions.
  12. I'm in the same position with my repossession. We paid £249,950 for the house and put 45k down. They sold the house for £185k and there is now a shortfall of £45,600k! Madness I tell you lol
  13. I'm really sorry, but I totally disagree with you naming solicitors on here. They cannot defend themselves at all, and you cold ruin their careers. It's just wrong!
  14. Hi everyone! Just thought I better come back and update as to what happened with the official receiver. Remember I waited 2 weeks for my appointment! I was terrified on the drive to Nottingham. 60 miles to seal my doom! However, the official receiver was absolutely fantastic!!! I have to admit I cried once, but she rubbed my arm and gave me a tissue lol My situation, to update you, was that a previous employer, who I had a personal loan with filed a statutory demand and made me bankrupt. It's all very corrupt. I missed 3 payments. Apparently they closed my account in Feb, but took payments in March, April and May! My outstanding balance on my loan was 3k ( loads of default letter charges-i didn't get any letters, and a charge for a home visit-they never came). I got a statement of my account in July too! However, looking back, and forward, it is the best thing that could've happened to me. When I got divorced in 2008, to just get rid of him I agreed to take on the marital debt, 20k. Our house was repossessed because he wouldn't sell it, wouldn't let me buy him out, wouldn't take my name off the mortgage, wouldn't pay the mortgage! So there is a shortfall of 45k there. so I think in total it's about 70k. I get to keep my car (it's on hp but the hp company are happy for me to keep it and so is the OR. They have said it's exempt). They asked if I wanted to keep my bank account ( I did open a Co-Op one just incase) The OR said they do not contact your landlord unless you are in arrears (I'm not), nor gas, electric or telephone companies. I feel happier than i have done in a long time. The OR said she was going to recommend me for early discharge, although she could not promise anything. She could see exactly the vendetta this company waged on me.She could see that I had been paying my other creditors, some of them agreed reduced amounts after seeking help from the CCCS, and had only missed 3 payments with that particular company. She saw the letter offering reduced payments, while I got myself back on track. I sent a text to my old MD the other day thanking her for giving me a fresh start, that in one swoop she had written off 70k of debt, and not only had she denied the company she worked for of any chance of recovering any money, she had also denied all my other creditors.............It felt good lol I have no payment plan in place as I am not currently working, but the minute I do get a job I will inform the OR. This was not my choice, but for the first time in a long time I sleep at night. Thank you to everyone on hear who had to put up with me freaking out and asking incesant questions before I had to go and see the OR. You were all right..........it was fine
  15. Well, I got a letter through the post from the Insolvency Service with an appointment for the OR interview this thursday coming. I have to travel 50 miles for this appointment which seems fairly unreasonable considering I am not working at the moment. I have got alot of my paperwork together apart from my bank statements which I will have to print off as they are all online. I can't find my benefit letter either but it shows my payments on my bank statement. I am so nervous. How long do you think it will take? In the letter it says 2-3 hours. Has anyone's actually lasted that long? Also, I rent my house. If I move in the 12 months while I'm bankrupt will the OR tell my new landlord that I'm bankrupt? If I get a job will they tell my employer? Thanks
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