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  1. Im honest, too honest.. there are signs everywhere and i mean everywhere stating cars parked at owners risk yes
  2. ive googled the address on the letter stating acting for our client, its a residential address, the letters contents are poor and the vocabulary isnt that of a solicitor, and surely an un-signed / un-dated letter has no credence anyhow. The damage, a tiny dink, one of those dent pullers it would be gone, paint isnt even broken, yes plenty of pictures, the estimate from the garage is also of questionable origin, no details of the garage its from seem to exist, i think its a bit of a [problem] myself...
  3. Interesting points, very interesting to add.. The brake failed after it was applied (applied following the instructions provided (sign)) I have no mechanical knowledge to 'test' the brake to know if it was defective or not therefore surely it is the responsibility of the store to ensure the manual handling equipment was correctly maintained? Today the other party has sent what i judge to be a 'fake' solicitors letter, not signed or dated, no name of the solicitor or address of the solicitor, no registration details, not on headed paper on cheap copier / printing paper (you can see through it) and alot of the vocabulary used in the letter is not as a solicitor would use. Is it a crime / offence to impersonate a solicitor?
  4. Just moved house and was at the local DIY store whose car park is on a bit of a slope and has signs everywhere, used one of their provided trolleys to get a pile of DIY stuff, got out to the car put the brake on, put baby in the back whilst doing this the trolley rolled off and bumped into someones car, they were not happy, i reported the failure of the brake to the staff at the DIY store am i liable for the damage to the other car?
  5. My mrs had a sorn fine through for £80 for a moped she sold years ago to a motor trader, she even knew who to and their address. When she sold the moped she sent off the appropriate paperwork etc, the dvla are stating no notification was received until after the late licensing penalty was issued. then quote information via the acknowledgement letter but not long after selling the moped she moved in with me, she had no acknowledgement letter anyhow. They quote teh system is designed to negate any uncertainty that may be experiences by either the sender or the intended recipient, as to whether a notification of disposal submiutted has actually be sent or indeed received. They then state that had an enquiry been made in respect of the absence of an acknowledgement letter been made the issue of the late licensing penalty could have been prevented. We quoted the interpretation act in my earlier correspondence the DVLA response was that it is was the agencys position that it is not sufficient for a person issued with a late licensing penalty who is registered as a vehicle keeper to simply state that a disposal notification has been posted to the dvla. Should such assertion be accepted dvla would be unable to fairly preside over the enforcement of CR and ensure that the aims of the legislation are achieved, something more tangaible than an assertion is needed to prove that a registered keeper has discharged the obligation to notify. This is why the achnowledgement letter scheme is such a fundamental part of the disposal process. They have offered me a reduced settlement of £40 down from £80? can i still argue im not liable, as i wasnt the owner.!
  6. well complaints department there complaints deparment were due to call me back still havent this has been on-going since sunday, they should be prosecuted under trade descriptions act, british telecom? not much british going on..... it seems all BT do is pass the buck, but admit there in the wrong then do nothing about it its so frustrating in my business customer service is key, shame BT dont practise the same
  7. I tried the soft approch they just ignore it! ive spent 9-10 hrs trying to resolve this they dont care they have the telecoms monopoly and abuse that fact, i dont see any other way forward than a law / legal stance.
  8. Ok, we have Bt vision at home well we did! had worked fine charged between 30-40 a month for bt vision (TV), broadband and calls, so bill fluctuates depends on calls but never over £40! on sunday went to record a program on our bt vision and record facility wouldnt work, tried lots of ways wouldnt work, called BT talked through lots of options told to reset the system loosing everything recorded etc. BT said they would call back in an hour as reset takes a while, no-one called back!System wiped it still wouldnt work as no-one called we called BT again reporting the issue and told their was a problem with our account (been cancelled) we checked bank statements etc funds had been taken so asked why it had been cancelled to be told it had been cancelled on the 22nd june 2012 by a staff member at BT, i stated i hadnt called in to cancel it etc and this was confirmed by the BT staff member, infact the BT staff confirmed i hadnt made any contact with BT and the cancellation was all internal by a BT member of staff and i had made no contact (which i knew) I asked who had done this and on whos authority they only said it was an internal issue and wouldnt name the person.I then fished further and was told my account had been upgraded to BT infinity on the 22nd june again internally by a BT member of staff with NO communication or authority from myself.!I checked my bank statement with my bank and the direct debit to BT first opportunity monday to be told £118:62 had been take by BT on checking my online BT bill I had been invoiced for an Infinity upgrade and equipment, not that ive had any equipment etc, So another call to BT and again told that it appears to be a training issue, I hadnt requested the upgrade had made NO communication and they would call back tuesday between 4.30pm at 8pm i expressed concern that no-one would call and was re-assured they would, no-one called! I called again and was told it was being investigated I said ok not my problem please refund me asap and conduct your investigation in your own time its of no interest to meAgain promised a call back by BT again nothing!What can i do and what laws are they breaking?Think a strict letter in order but to whom and what laws can i quote as everytime you call you get through to a call centre in india where they obviously just take calls for all manner of customers and have no knowledge whatsoever.
  9. unfortunatly i have to keep my ankle elevated as much as possible and non weight bearing even like this its painfull, weight bearing is impossible, they did mention tills but my specialist surgeon said this wouldnt help at all as i have to keep it elevated and motivated. And yes im claiming against them
  10. Right let me explain then ask the questions: I worked for a well known supermarket where id worked for over a year, Ihad an accident on their premises due to their negligence in february 2008, I've to date had 2 operations to repair the damage and am awaiting a 3rd, cant work as i am currently, During this time ive met with the company occupational health nurse who requested i return to work 4 hrs a night stacking shelfs (manual work) as my injury is to my ankle i cant stand for 20mins let alone 4 hrs so i declined stating i couldnt do this (this was around (april 08) to which i was told if i didnt return my contract would be terminated? So question 1, is this acceptable and if not what part of employment law is breeched?? Also whilst on the sick which i have been since the accident the store personell manager has asked other then staff members (who have since left) to keep an eye on what i do and get upto and report back? So Question 2, is this acceptable and if not which laws / regulations does that breech, privacy? human rights? etc etc. Any help greatly appreciated as im trying to build a case against them
  11. where is the best place to ask a question regarding employee rights and employment law??? many thanks and hello...
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