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  1. Same as electron,but my thoughts are with you best of luck xxx
  2. Just been on the phone to HR department and i said that we would be putting a written grievance letter in,HR's responce was now we know your wife is off at the moment ( we have a doctor's appointment tommorow and was going to get a sick note ) and would she be willing to work at another store on friday which is local to us but after friday they could sent her to random stores which could be miles away while the investigation takes place. My first thought was to say yes as it shows we are willing to act in the right manner,but now im thinking we should of siad no she is in no fit state to
  3. Ok will leave out anything that could be misinterperted and keep it to the facts. Thanks again..
  4. Dear sir/madam Please accept this letter as a written grievance as discussed in our phone conversation on the 23rd september at 9.am This action has been carefully considered after our informal meeting on the 22nd september at 1pm at the ...... branch,where we discussed the claim of bullying and harrashment which has occured at the ........ branch of ...... with yourself and the area manager. I wish to thank you and ..... for your support on the above matter but as discussed i feel that any mediation between myself and the alleged parties involved would fail to resolve the issue in
  5. Thankyou very much,just what i needed,we have about 6-7 recorded bullying incidents in the last couple of months and i will write as much detail down as i can.. Regards Andrew ..
  6. Just spoken to ACAS and they just confirmed to me what i already knew but its good to have someone at the other end to talk too. Yes Erica, the mediation route would defo only be a short term fix as we know the bully in question very well and she will for sure go back to her old way so we think the mediation will have little or no effect long term to my wife's health and welfare. Plus they have no real authority running the store at the moment to keep tabs on the situation. So i think a wriiten grievience is the way to go. Does anyone have a letter template they could share
  7. Yes i think this is the route we are going to take,the bullying has gone too far and my wife dos'ent wanna face someone who has been mean to her. so we will see the doctor and get a sick note and then i will work on a written grivience letter and get a full investagation into the issue. But i need a template letter as i would,nt have a clue what to put,can anyone give me any advice how i should put this across in a grievence letter or a link to a template.. big thanks Andrew
  8. Had our meeting today as mentioned above,was greeted by the area manager and a member of the HR team. We gave our version of events and notes were taken by the HR repsentative and the area manager listened intensely. The area manager and HR rep said all the correct things and were very supportive and in a way helpful We asked for a transfer but this was immediately turned down as no vacancys available They gave us 2 options,1 the area manager want to resolve it a quickly as possible by sitting my wife and the bully in question to talk it over with the area manager sitting i
  9. Thanks Erica, some more excellent advice..Some very helpful people on the site and i thank you all informal meeting arranged at 1pm tomorrow at neutral venue ..will update tomorrow after meeting
  10. Thanks for your advice..if we dont get anywhere when we have our informal meeting next week then i will ask her previous boss to write to HR and explain what he had seen going on while he worked there. i'll have to read up on the Protection from harrasment act,dont know much about it.. Its patethic that a group of mature wemen from the age of 30-40 can be so childish in their behaviour a small group of 4 wemen,talking about my missus behind her back constantly,no one speaks to her and they make her feel really uncomfortable working there and make sly and vindictive comments to her..b
  11. Thankyou for your replies, we are going for a transfer as working with these people would be impossible.They own quite a big chain of chemists and getting a transfer should not be difficult so we will push hard for that. we have no intention or returning to the store in question even if a new manager was put in place,too much has happened now. If HR and the area manager do go on the deffensive i will threaten a tribunal as the way i see it we have enough evidence and people who will back our claim up but hopefully it wont go that far. As for the bullies, they should not be allowed to
  12. Yes being a pharmacy technician is an important job and her work has suffered through the stress,and like you say mistakes cannot be made. We have already contacted HR and they are contacting us on monday to arrrange an informal meeting at a neutral location to discuss the matter. What i wanted to know is that they wont be allowed to force her back to work do we have a right to request a transfer? will she be allowed full pay while its being investigated? Also we have make a few notes of things that have been said and have the previous manager and a couple of members of staff who will ba
  13. The manager left about a month ago,so since then there is no senior authority in store and the next person who is in charge is one of the bullys,hence it cant be dealt with in house so this is why we went straight to HR.. Since the perviuos boss left it has got worse since there is no really authority there at the moment and the bullys know this and are takeing full advantage of it .She work for a chemist chain and is a pharmacy technician. The previous manager who left a month ago and now works for another company was fully aware of the this going on and to be fair did keep it in check to
  14. My missus has work at the same place for over 20yrs and although the buisness has changed hands a few times in that period. Firstly my missus is the quiet,shy type who hates confrontation and will cry before arguing with someone. I wont go into details about what is happening to her at work but she is being mentally bullied and sometime verbally attacked in full view of other members of staff and customers,there are about 3-4 members of staff who have sent her to coventry and slag her off none stop behind her back,we know this as she does have a few friends there who will back her up.
  15. Thanks Allwood,now i guess she is gonna be worried about what she's gonna do when the 31st comes round,let me know what happens. Thanks Marie for all your advice.My missus is gonna talk to the line manager tommorow and find out why he has,nt asked others to help with the cover and we'll go from there.I'll let you know what happens tommorow night.
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