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  1. Thank you all and I am sorry that I am naot making sense, a lot has happened over the weekend. The social services and the police have visited me at home and they are investigating this matter. Also I found out yesterday that my wife is to be deported. Everything she told me was a lie. I thought that the Home Office were studying her case, but this was not so. Things were far more ahead than I thought. It was confirmed to me yesterday from the social worker that she had received her deportation letter, and she has no more right to appeal as she has gone through all of them. I really
  2. Hi bookworm, the GP saw the scar on my sons left arm which he said my wife cut him with a knife, and also the scar on his forehead which my son says she threw a spoon at his head
  3. Thanks sillygirl, I have been talking to my sister and she believes that something has to be done immediately. She has suggested that she write personally to the social worker detailing everything the children have said and have gone through in the past, so that this can go on record. She has also suggested that we write to our local M.P about this serious situation. She said that she will go to the police herself and tell them everything. The school should also have a written report of what my wife has been doing and saying to the children whilst visiting at school in the presence of A
  4. Thank you for that excellent advice. I will do this first Monday morning, I will push this forward as I cannot see my children go through this any more they have been through too much already. I will ask my sister to go the police and report what my kids have told her, and say that I have also reported it to the DR's to. Hopefully then this mess can get sorted out and my kids can be safe. I am off to bed now and would like to thank you deeply for all your advive
  5. I am sorry if I sound confused, I am, I have 5 kids not 2. I will read back on my posts and see if I made a mistake whilst typing. Yes the headmaster said he would try and arrange contact somewhere else, because he does not approve of my wife going there everyday as it is disrupting to the children. She sees them for only 15 mins a day and is accompanied by Ann. I think the headmaster is having his brains picked at by Ann and my wife and he feels uncomfortable with the whole situation plus he thinks that I should let my wife see my kids. My wife's solicitors have not contacted me ab
  6. Thanks skonk you make complete sense and I am confused as much as you are. I have complained to the social worker, doctors, teachers and my solicitors about the child abuse but not one single person has suggested I go to the police. Please do not think I am being selfish but I am afraid I may not be believed as other forum members have said that it could be taken as me being vixatious. Trust me I am not, and I have no problem reporting this. I did go the police station and report it but have not heard from the police. Do you think it best if my sister went to the police station and report
  7. Thanks DD, I tried to get a stay for my wife but the solicitors messed the whole case from the beginning. After a few years in to the marriage due to sickness I had to leave work and go on benefits. My wife was unable to get stay as I was on benefits. I tried very hard to get her stay and when I could not then my wife took things in to her own hands. She went to visit the kids at school today and was crying in front of them. Ann went with her too and my kids told me that Ann was crying also. My kids also told me that mummy will be coming home soon and daddy is happy to leave the home
  8. Hi MRSWESTHAM, I really do not know the answer to this. I believe that Ann who works for the doorstep is deeply involved and people think that because she works at a family centre everything is fine.
  9. Thanks wino and sillygirl, your words are most comforting. I went to the doctors today with my kids and sister. My kids told the doctor what they had told my sister. The doctor was very good and said she would contact the social service worker to find out what is happening. My sister saw the headmaster today and gave him the full story and he said he was not happy that my wife was visiting the kids in school, so said it would be better if she could meet them away from there. My sister told him that the doorstep is not a suitable place for contact and the headmaster said that he would arr
  10. Thanks welshmam2009, I fear that I am losing this battle and I know no one will help me.The longer it goes on the harder it gets. There is nothing vexatious about anything. I did not pre plan anything nor did I invent anything, yet I am not believed theres justice for you hey
  11. This is getting even more more and more complicated. I have just received a letter from my sollictor who has advised me that there is another hearing on the 25th September. As social services are involved my solicitor has advised me that it will be up to them where my kids will live and they will put their report to the court. As you know I have concerns about the social services and I believe they will be prejudiced to me. Also if the court decides that the kids are to stay with my wife will I be ordered to leave my home. I am the sole tenant and a U.K citizen, and my wife does not have
  12. Thanks sailorsam but I have already checked and there is not one in my area. I have a few centres that I can contact here. Thanks all the same and for everything you have done
  13. Thanks Welshmam2009, I have written a letter and have not posted it yet. I am waiting for my solicitor to ring me back this morning. I think I should ask my solicitor to ask for information about the Child Conference Meeting. My solicitor sent these emails to my sister this morning and I would appreciate what people think, and if it correct. 1st email; Dear Ms , Many thanks for your email of 00.46 this morning. I understand your concern. There will be pressure I fear on your brother to seek to change his bail conditions to enable the children to return. Having raised the con
  14. Thanks sailorsam that is very good advice. My wife has solicitors acting for immigration case and her papers have been sent to the Home Office in August 09. So there is nothing that can be done there at the moment. My sister will accompany me to the doctors today and my children can say what has happened. I think this is very important that the doctor fully investigate this and report it to the relevant authorities. I have said before me and my sister reported the child abuse to the relevant authorities. I am doing everything I can, I just need to know what to do in what order. I have ema
  15. Hi skonk and thank you for your advice and concern. Please believe me when I say this but I am not putting my case my wife before my kids. I have been under the most amount of pressure that I cannot even begin to tell you you. If it was not for my familys support I would not have been able to get this far. My sister reported what my kids said to her to the social worker on the 14/09/09. I am in a very difficult position and do not know what to do. I really don't know how to handle this situation. I think it will be best if my sister can go to the police and tell them what the kids have to
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