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  1. Hello, If you go to page 3 of my thread, you will see that I had a full settlement offer but I;m waiting for full payment... woo hoo....
  2. It is highly unlikely they will close the account, I have just been offered the full amount with no decision to close my account.... I do know that if you claim more than once then they will give you 30 days notice on your account.
  3. Great News, I got a letter from DG Solicitors on 2nd September asking for a breakdown of charges, so I faxed and sent them on the monday.... then on 8th September I got a full offer of £3572.83.... Wooo Hoo!!! I sent the paperwork back to them and I'm still awaiting the money in my account....
  4. Mel. I sent my MCOL 2 days before you and seems that we are at similar stages... they had until 3rd or so to file a defence, I got a letter on Saturday asking for a breakdown of charges claiming for 2855 plus £700 interest.... Does anyone know whether I am allowed to fax this information and whether I get a notification saying they have recieved this?
  5. On my Moneyclaim status, this says Acknowledged(18/08/2006).... so when would it have deemed served?
  6. Wow thats so cool you both got your money... the bank acknowledged my claim with the tick saying defend on the 18th August.... Do I assume that they have got 28 days for then?
  7. I've heard some people have gone to the line and just filed a judgement, has anyone done that?
  8. Somethings happened there... has the 28 days passed?
  9. I really am excited, it's got a nice kit and good paintwork... mark 2 1990 version....a few modifications, its the GT Tbar Turbo version.... pick it up on the 8th... If only I had credit cards and more accounts like some people have and I could have claimed more money.... we are all greedy... lol
  10. I think it takes another 7 days for payment?
  11. I filed on MCOL on 18th August and got a letter of acknowledgement saying they intend to defend.... let the party begin... give it a week and they will offer the full amount... Already agreed a price for an MR2 2.0 GT Turbo which is £3600...... It would just be the worst thing ever in the world if this was not going to happen......
  12. Hiya, I received my acknowledgement from the bank saying they intend to defend too.... how long until offer was it for yourself?
  13. that would be correct, it's the 28th... so you could win by default... they may defend this week, in which case that'll buy them more time...
  14. Mmmmm... maybe it's one of them cases but they are allowed 28 days to reply.. and if they don't, you win...
  15. Can you log onto MCOL and tell me what it says?
  16. Once you have filed with MCOL, you should hear within a week... I had an aknowledgement letter the day after filing... have you had an acknowledgement from MCOL?
  17. Were you offered full amount on 18th? if so, you won't get paid until 25th....
  18. Hello, I guess you could check out the financial ombudsman...?
  19. I looked at 10 cases and seems that all have lasted between 17 and 19 days... but as you say each is different....
  20. I will keep you posted, haven't most people been offered around 7 days after claim? and then another 5 - 7 for full payment?
  21. Hiya, I filed mine on the 16th and they acknowledged the day after... on the MCOL it says under start, 2 boxes where I can tick Judgement... do I need to do anything there?
  22. I bet you have a letter either at home or tomorrow!!
  23. Well checking other peoples claims, you should recieve yours on the 18th August.... latest... let us know...
  24. I did my claim last night, now just waiting.... did you have to pay the £120? I thought it was £30...
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