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  1. Just a short note to say that Lee has managed to resolve this issue to my satisfaction which includes but is not limited to the default being completely removed from all the credit reference agencies. I have thanked Lee for his patience and perseverance on my behalf and commend him to anyone else who has similar problems with Vodafone, I'm sure there are thousands of you! On the bright side it will keep Lee in work for a long time to come! Well done Lee. Thank you CAG for having this site it is a Godsend, without you this would not have been possible! Merry Christmas to
  2. DX I have asked in my thread a number of times with no response so as it has been mentioned on this thread and I'm a newbie I thought that it was reasonable to aks here to get a quick answer or a link to explain what I need to do as I thought the point of the CAG was to help each other win our battles against the corporate greed machines. Sorry if I was wrong to make that assumption. PG7.
  3. I am also leaving Sky after I found out that if I want a service I can have it immediately but after 31 days has passed if you want to cancel the service you now have to give 31 days notice so in fact you have to pay for 62 days which to me is theft! I gave them 31 days notice but instead of cancelling one service I said to cancel all my services with Sky as I am now moving to Virgin, the date of my call was the 2nd November so disconnection should take place 31 days later which will be the 3rd December 2011! Well I get an email from them telling me they were sorry to see me go and t
  4. I was just posting my last correspondence to Lee in vodafone as I had not received a response by my specified deadline of 5pm Thursday, (last night) and guess what, as I am finishing the email I get a call from vodafone saying they were sending me the ICO default guidlines which I have already found (see below) and that Lee would be getting back to me but he was off on paternity leave. Well call me old fashioned but I will not take advantage of someone who genuinely on leave even if common courtesy dictates that they should at least acknowledge receipt of my emails, I have found the bigg
  5. Maybe someone can help me on this one, I need to know if there is a template or similar for the letter that I need to send to vodafone before I take legal action, or, do I just send them a letter saying I am going to take legal action from X date if they do not comply by my reasonable requests? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have set up the new thread (see below) as requested and amended the spelling mistakes at least I hope I have found them all http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?327152-Epetition-to-Ensure-Penalties-For-Breach-of-Data-Protection-Rules!&highlight=epetitions I have also found this which has been very useful in refuting all of vodafones reasons for not removing the default I hope it will help other people and those going to court soon! Relevance starts from paragraph "9" onwards. http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/library/data_protection/detailed_spec
  7. Please take the time to sign this petition, it needs your help to get it debated in Parliament! http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22295 Data Protection Enforcement Responsible department: Ministry of Justice: We the undersigned would like the government to take a more active role in ensuring that consumers' rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 are enforced. We would like to see active enforcement against companies including banks where they have failed to comply with the above act as well as fines for said failures. We would further like to see a guide
  8. It seems that Martin Keatings has stolen my thunder about setting up an online Epetition this is what he has posted (below) and I think it covers what I was proposing, all it takes now is to widely advertise it and get 100,000 signatures, it might take a while but eventually it will get there! Next job is to contact my MP about the same, time for some action on this: SYMS, Robert: SymsR@parliament.uk Guy, Nichola guyn@parliament.uk http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22295 Data Protection Enforcement Responsible department: Ministry of Justice We the un
  9. Here is the other file that won't attach correctly! Vodafone Internal Emails.pdf
  10. Vodafone Internal Emails.pdfJust heard back from Lee with this email below which could be of interest to someone! Vodafone still harp on about supposedly receiving the money after the default was issued which I have shown is not the case (see letters from SARs sent to the debt collection agencies attached), it is also strange seeing as the various emails via vodafones own people that I have copies of (from my SAR to vodafone attached) say that if I can prove that I had paid the debt collection agency before the default was issued then it will be removed! I can and I have, yet it is
  11. I like Richards idea of just claiming £5,000 and be done with it, let the court decide if it is reasonable or if Vodafone has acted unreasonably! I think the courts are getting fed up with companies like vodafone treating customers terribly, they give lip service to customer service and customer CARE!!! They have destroyed a lot of good honest peoples credit ratings for at best petty reasons, I really think that they have a sadist in charge of their credit department maybe it's that supposedly fictitious Esther! I think it is the devil! Have you noticed that the process always follows the
  12. I am getting nowhere with vodafone and my lawyer has given me his figures for taking the case forward, having read your thread it seems that I could do this myself using the letter before action, where can I find the template or buy it? I read that you had to prove the expenses you claimed philharg and I am doing the same, 5 years of using a credit card with 26% APR against a good one at 13% adds up as does the numerous SAR's I have requested and dozens of credit reference reports plus monthly membership fees for many years of equifax at £6.99 per month all add up yet when I told vodafon
  13. Vodafone offered to remove the default but did not admit responsibility for acting incorrectly the offer was conditional on legal action being stopped, I counter offered that they pay me £200 to cover my past expenses and that if they did that all legal action would end. I gave Vodafone until my appointment with my lawyer on the 4th November to agree, they did not do so by the deadline so by default in my reply to them I said that the £200 would increase by the cost of my legal bill for seeing the lawyer on the 4th November. When I mentioned the extra charge with my lawyer he consid
  14. Ok this is going on too long without an acknowledgement if I don't hear anything by the 4th when I see my lawyer we will take the next step which is legal action.
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