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  1. Hey guys thanks for your responses! I am in the process of sorting things out with the CAB x
  2. Right I have a debt of about £4000, I know it doesn't sound an awful lot but it's causing me a great deal of hassle. The debt is made up of things like my mobile phone bill which has accumulated since xmas - I haven't been able to pay it, my bank account is past its overdraft - I'm being charged monthly and they're requesting that I pay back the student overdraft which they lent to me several years ago. I am unemployed, I am a part time student, I'm not eligible for any benefits as my gf earns an amount which is deemed to be over the threshold and as such I don't have an income. My gf doe
  3. I am a part time student and I am unemployed, so am signing on. The for various reasons (outlined in my last thread) the jobcentre are not paying me, and they don't know exactly when they can pay me. As a result of this I have accrued some debt by spending money that I haven't got. I am overdrawn on my overdraft and am facing monthly charges, I am getting daily telephone calls from my bank asking for this to be rectified, which I cant do. My mobile phone has been cut off, and I owe three months for that - they have given me a week to pay, despite me saying that I don't have an inco
  4. I am a part time student and I am unemployed, so am signing on. In my first meeting at the jobcentre I was advised to apply for Contribution Based JSA, as I had just left my previous job - but after almost two months of waiting to be paid they sent me a letter saying that I don't have enough NI contributions etc etc (I think this is because I had just done a full time degree and for the three years prior I was just doing temp work). Immediately after I got the letter, which was about three weeks ago, I arranged an appointment at the jobcentre to fill in a JSA3 form. I was advised to date
  5. Wondering if someone can give me some advice... I am currently a part time LLB student and became unemployed just before xmas - so I'm signing on, but JSA money hasn't started to come through yet for various reasons relating to my student status. Before I was a p/t time student I was a full time student and had a student overdraft - which is now a graduate account and my main banking account with Lloyds TSB. About a year ago I got myself a mobile phone contract and because I have not been able to afford to pay it my overdraft has been mounting up and is now £300 past wh
  6. Thanks guys. Could you suggest a possible course of action I could take to put this matter to bed. Thanks
  7. Thanks MrShed Dennis, this was an error on my part. I don't know why I didn't push for a receipt. I guess I was just relieved at the thought of moving out, that I didn't see the need in getting a receipt (as was moving out the next day). To what effect could this have on the outcome on the situation? Thanks
  8. Hello, I had some trouble with my previous landlord I was issued with a section 8 notice to quit on grounds 8 and 10 (i think). I got advice from the CAB and I caught up with my outstanding payments, and moved out in the middle of August. My landlords agent verbally confirmed that payments were up to date. As I had arranged to leave the property before the expiry of the contract, I had to find someone to fill my room. My landlords agent had someone in mind, so I shown him around and he agreed to move in. I then proceeded to move out and I gave the keys back. Everything was confirmed
  9. Can anyone suggest any possible (non illegal) avenues that I could go down, so I'll be asked to vacate the premises. The only thing I can think of is to ask the other tennants to complain about me, so then the agent will think that my leaving will be best for all parties... Also because I was issued with the section 8 does that mean i'm obliged to move out under them terms or does my paying rent cancel it out? I just want to be out of this place, and away from the landlord and agent. Please someone give me something to work with..
  10. Hello, I will start at the beginning... I am a university student studying building surveying. I moved into my flat and signed an assured shorthold tenancy agreement on 20th April. The contract is due to expire on 20th October. My parents are my guarantors. When signing the contract i notified the agent that i might have to leave early because i was coming to the end of uni, and was applying for jobs nationwide. She said thats fine, give me a months notice. When I left uni in may, I became unemployed so i started claiming benefits, the process was long and laborious and
  11. Hello My ex landlord and I have had a bit of a falling out. This is largely down to a lack of communication on his part. I have a record of relevant emails sent between both parties and I'd appreciate it if somebody could read over these and advise whether I should accept his terms or pursue this to court. In either case can you advise on what sort of response I should send. Thanks. DISPUTE OVER RENT AND DEPOSIT.doc
  12. no, although the amount of times he came round would convince you otherwise... no I didn't live with my landlord
  13. The tenancy i signed was titled Assured Tenancy Agreement. it says at the bottom 'This is NOT an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement'. Is that relevant in any way? The residence was a HMO.
  14. This might be a silly question but i will ask it anyway..... is there anything in the housing act (or any other acts relating to tenancies) that state a tenant should leave a room in the condition it was in when he/she moved in? the reason i ask is because my ex landlord is giving me a hardtime about my room not being tidy when i moved out. This was because it was a mess when i moved in, and i left it in a similar condition, but a lot tidier. if there is nothing that states this then nevermind. If there is then can you tell me what section of what act etc. so i can say it to him in t
  15. Hello, I have had some bad experiences with landlords and could use the advice. This landlord seems quite friendly, but the contract, I'm not sure about... Thanks Assured shorthold tenancy agreement.doc
  16. I was a tenant, the house was registered as a HMO, and the landlord didn't live there.
  17. yep it is an overdraft, and no i dont own any properties. i was on the phone to them the other day and they said if i dont pay in full today (meaning the other day) then i'd get loads of chrges and i will find it very difficult to find work upon leaving uni. Now i'm not the smartest pea in the pod, but shouldn't they b helping people rather than causin people sleepless nights. cos if i cant get a job upon leavin uni, how the hell will i be able to pay them? that makes no sense to me... the banks should invest that massive bonus package they offer to high ranking employees into t
  18. Hi I'm a student and i'm in debt with halifax. I cant afford to pay them any money because i dont have a job. I'm finding it difficult to get a job because of the recession. Because I can't pay them, they are threatening to take me to court, but i'v told them theres no point in that because I still won't have any money to pay you. I spoke to CCCS and they told me to just ignore them because they can't do anything to me, but I'm a bit apprehensive about doing that because I think my credit rating might be getting worse and worse. Can anyone make a sensible suggestion on what I ca
  19. Hi I moved into a house in September and signed a tenancy agreement for a year (not a proper one just one he made on his computer). I gave him a £260 deposit which is unprotected. In about November i signed a form detailing damages of items upon arrival, whats there, whats not there etc.. I study building surveying at university, and we touch on estate management. If I'm correct the landlord has to give 24 hours notice before entering the premises by either written or spoken communication. In my case the landlord would just turn up or send his builders round to build things, knock wa
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