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  1. Update. Basically just seen an Officer from my local council to talk about Mortgage rescue. Essentially the only scheme I would be eligable for is the Mortage to Rent - however they won't consider me unless I have the 15 day notice from the Lender of repossession! Also they only pay 97% of the market value as I understand it - so it would leave a shortfall. Also my lender rang today to chase up (naughty of me but I didn't say much or commit to anything). I told him about this (hoping he might repossess me!) and he told me that the lender can access an agency who will access my circums
  2. I had may mortgage with GMAC but they sold it on to a Company called Webb Resolutions. I hope I'm still on GMAC's list of people they're going to write to!
  3. is your wife named on the alleged mortgage? Yes is your daughter under the age of 18 ? No i need more details on the alleged mortrgage who is it with ? I took the mortgage out with GMAC RFC but it has been sold on to Webb Resolutions (first I learnt of this was in a letter from Webb in June). how long ago did you take it out? 2007 how many months are you in arrears? 4 whole months missed but before that 6 months paid at half the 'contracted' amount Have they started repo proceedings yet? No do you have any equity in it? No - even if the house sold at market v
  4. Wow! Thanks for the advice. It is pretty overwhelming stuff. Does it mean that the Mortgage company would have to remove there interest in the house completely? The reason that I'm going off to a rented house is that a family friend is lettng me rent it below market value and is offering me an assured tenancy for 2 years and he is also comfrtable with me being a BR. The reason for BR is that in additon to the mortgage I have 50k of unsecured debt. Also my daughter has moved back in with my wife and I as she has gone back to University. How do I go about challenging the validity o
  5. Hi. Haven't posted here in a while but no my circumstances have changed - I need some more advice. Basically I'm at point where I've decided that trying to keep hold of the house is just not worth it. My credit status is wrecked, I'm going to be at retirement age in 6 yearas, my job is a tempory contract anyway and the term of my interest free Morgage ends in 4 years. Basically I've found a rental house on favourable terms. What I really need is some good practical advice on Voluntary Surrender of the house to the mortgage company. I'm in -tive equity and I'm also going down the Bankr
  6. Hi guys! Many thanks for the advice. I am genuinely overwhelmed by all the support - I've been running through all this in my head for so long! I will definately put everything in writing from here on and make sure I sent it recorded. I'm going to get a couple of estate agents over to get a valuation and some opinions on the local market and then put this to the Mortgage company. Not sure if anyone know much about the Company that now has my Mortgage. It's called Webb Resolutons. My mortgage was with GMAC but I believe they've sold on a parcel of their 'toxic' debts. Som
  7. Thanks for the link - it's certainly going to help when I next talk to the Mortgage company - up until now the bloke I talked to made it seem that a Court would basically just do what ever the mortgage company asked a Judge. I've got another queston. Basically my brother has been offered a job abroad on a mimimum 2 year contract. He wants to rent his house out and is willing to let my family live there and pay just enough to cover his mortgage - sensible chap got his mortage 15 years ago and it's half mine! I'd also be getting a house at 2/3 the market rental value. Also cos it would
  8. Will definately write to my lender again and will keep this thread updated. Just one question - if the Mortgage company dosn't agree to capitalisation of the arrears does a Judge have the power to make them do it? Thank you for the advice!
  9. Hi! Thnak you so much for the reply. I've been dealing with this on my own for quite a while so it's so amazing to hear someone say I might not loose my home. Ididn't send the income/expenditure by recorded, but given that I sent it a week ago without response - I'll send it again by recorded by way of a follow up. The charges are included in the arrears so that does make me optimistic. I will update this thread when I get a reply from the Webb. BTW does anyone know much about Webb - can't see much on the internet and their website is parked. Thnaks again!
  10. Hi! I'm new to the forum and I could do with some advice. I have a mortgage with GMAC which has just been taken over by Webb Resolutions (on the same terms - or so I am led to believe). My situation is this. I becme unemployed in January 09 and I couldn't keep up my repayments so using savings I paid half the contracted amount. I now have arrears circa £6k. I have just got a new job (not as much money as the last one - but I'm not complaining). I've done an income and expenditure and having come out of a fixed rate my contracted monthly is down to an amount I can afford. Howeve
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