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  1. Hi Guys, At the moment my insurance is saying its soley my fault although they are going to phone the witness and check how credible he is. I didn't see why the motorcyclist fell but my guess is he was filtering between traffic at speed, panicked and broke to hard when he saw me change lanes.
  2. That I pulled from the left hand lane to the right hand lane without indicating and knocked the motorcyclist over. The motorcyclist is saying I pulled from the right hand lane to the left hand lane without indicating and knocked the motorcyclist over. So both saying the same thing apart from which lane I was in (dual carriageway road btw). It also took nearly two months for a witness statement to appear
  3. Correct, his witness contradicts him but the guy dealing with my claim doesn't seem to think this an issue, nor the fact the motorcyclist admits he was undertaking me/filtering at the time. My insurer says it was my responsibility to check before changing lanes which obviously I did anyway.
  4. I'm going to give my insurers a ring back early this afternoon so any advice would be greatly appreciated, it sole destroying to think that I could lose my no claims just for stopping to help :-|
  5. Hi Guys On the way to work a couple of months ago I witnessed a guy fall of his motorcycle and being a biker myself I stopped to help him pick his bike up. I gave him my mobile number in case he needed me as a witness or anything and left it at that. I then get a letter from a claims company asking for my insurance details and find out the guy is claiming I knocked him off! It was a dual carriageway road and I had not long changed from the right lane to the left lane so my best guess is that he must have been filtering at speed between the two lanes and slammed his brakes on af
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