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  1. Is a bailiff allowed to turn up and clamp a car and then charge a levy and attendance to remove fee (but not remove) at the same time? The PCN was paid and bailiffs fees paid so clamp was removed. Attendance to remove fees were charged at £255 + VAT. Can he also then turn up 4 months later and charge another attendance to remove fee of £255 + VAT (and again not remove the vehicle).
  2. At long last received a letter back from the Bailiff Co and need some further advice as I am not satisfied with some of the responses I have regarding breakdowns, etc. They are stating that a levy fee of £55.60 was made but the bailiff has stated on his form under Bailiffs Costs £58.52. There was no 1st visit fees listed. They are stating that attending to remove fee of £299.63 was charged but no breakdown of what this fee entailed (I think it may be for an AVR RTA whatever that is or maybe a waiting charge). I was told that the Bailiff is entitled to attend property at the time
  3. If your van is used for work they cannot clamp it as I believe it would be an illegal levy. You should write to the Bailiffs and get a breakdown of their fees, etc. to see what they have charged you for. They can accept monthly installments but obviously they want the full amount. They also add a charge for using a debit card. More money for their pockets.
  4. The Company is Swifts and the bailiff's name is on the certificated list (if he is the bailiff) but not as a direct employee of the company (I am therefore assuming he is self-employed). As I am at work a friend of mine has spoken to him. The Bailiff is saying that £523.39 is outstanding (the Form 9 costs. This is not very clearly stated on the Notice of Seizure form) but will accept £223.76 as part payment and remove the clamp and we can come to an arrangement to pay the outstanding amount. My friend agreed to pay £223.76 but said that he would not come to an arrangement about the res
  5. Hope someone can give me some urgent advice. I have an unpaid PCN (should have paid it sooner I know but it slipped through the net). Anyway this morning I got up at 6.10 and saw a letter posted through the door. A bailiff had clamped my car and wanted £523.39 or would accept £223.76 if paid today. The fees he states owing are as follows: Parking Pen Charge - £150 Court Fee - £5 Bailiff's Cost - £58.52 VAT on Bailiff's Costs - £10.24 Total amount if paid today £223.76 Plus Form 9 Costs = £523.39 He has dated the Notice of Seizure and Form 9 incorrectly (he has pu
  6. I had a PCN issued to me for not displaying my parking ticket correctly (although if you looked properly you could see it was valid). Anyway I appealed to the Council within the time period enclosing the original parking ticket (which I now can't find!!!!) and heard nothing back from them until a couple of months ago when I received a letter from the bailiffs. Before the week was out my daughter (who is 17) was going out of the house when she was handed a letter by a youth in a motorcycle helmet who then promptly got on his moped and ran off. (The reason I know this was because I was standing
  7. I closed an IKEA and M&S Storecard in 2005. Can I still claim the charges for the 6 years that the cards were opened for (i.e. the period 1999 - 2005) or does it have to be for the period 2004 - 2010
  8. The car is in my name unfortunately. Right about the Police though was a scaremongering tactic. Managed to do a deal with them to pay it in two weeks but they won't remove clamp from car which means kids can't get to school etc.
  9. Its for a PCN. First time they have called and haven't received any letters from Marstons regarding the PCN. They are still sitting outside but they won't get their money as I just haven't got it. Single parent with 4 kids but I am working but every bit of money I get goes on paying bills, etc. Think it was one of my ex-husbands parking tickets.
  10. Spoken to them and say not on records. Bailiff and Marstons has said that the Court made a mistake and he is certificated. Spoken to Court and they now admit error. Marstons have said they are sending tow truck to take car away now and that we have to pay £590 or the car goes. Lewisham Council don't want to know. Haven't got the money so looks like the car will have to go. Fees seem excessive to me as its a first visit. Any help much appreciated.
  11. Its for a PCN. He has since showed her another certificate which was issued by Medway Court and is valid until 2010. Can't understand why Medway Court said he wasn't on their lists. Is it possible its a fake? He works for Marstons Court (which seems to me to part of the Marstons Group).
  12. Bailiff attended my house this pm and clamped car. Not certificated and my daughter has asked them to prove who they are and when and where certificate was issued via text as courts had no record etc. They didn't respond but reappeared and told her in no uncertain and threatening terms that she is saying they are lying and flashed a card at her but she could not see it what was on it as he was waving it in front of her face. They are now sitting outside and I believe they have called the police. I have told her to ring local council up and inform them that they are not certificated and the
  13. Thanks for your advice. I've spoken to the Courts and the bailiff is not certified with them, so Rundles lied and he wasn't entitled to take any goods. Awaiting breakdown of the fees and I will pursue this every possible way that I can. These people shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.
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