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  1. So are the prescribed terms present on this agreement and are they correct?
  2. Good news guys....WF have agreed to pay back all of the insurances plus interest and have agreed to restructure my account and pay back other charges also. They have now requested that I should sign the new loan agreement which was enclosed with their letter and state that this should have been the agreement that I SHOULD have signed (no mention now of insurance's etc). They are restructuring the account and sending me a new agreement and but state that they can't disclose the figure for refund as it would depend on the duration of the loan???? Not sure why that is and surely the duration
  3. And this was on a seperate piece of paper with my 'executed' Agreement. Should this amount be on the actual agreement and under Key Information or have I got this wrong. Thanks again">
  4. Thanks Main, not sure why it copied twice lol
  5. I cant seem to post my agreement up? Any ideas ....
  6. Hi guys, Would someone mind taking a look at my signed credit card agreement with MBNA/Snatander and advise if this is properly executed. I note that one of the prescribed terms are to state a credit limit and note that this on a seperate piece of paper - are they able to state that they will decide on the limt? - and there isnt a proper indication regarding the payment dates/term and the T&C's are in a leaflet etc. Look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Thanks post! Is that 40 days or working days?
  8. Beyond - good luck with the case! I will have a look at your thread and catch up. Post - just to clarify...you said there is a difference of £684.04 in welcomes favour. What does that mean? And what am I excatly disputing other than PPI? Can i legally get them to remove the defaults on my file and when should I legally 'expect' to receive a response to my complaint and when should i write again or pay? Seperate subject all together now I have CCA'd Vanquis, Additions (Littlewoods) and Abbey National - card and loan - and wondered what the new law means now if they give me
  9. APOLOGIES IF THIS HAS BEEN POSTED TWICE lol Sent a letter to them again on the 21st saying that it was in dispute and have not had any phone calls from them since...weird! So what does Welcome need to legally do to get the account out of dispute and do I stop making payments and are they allowed to put this on my credit file or pass to a DCA?
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