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  1. Well, sadly some customers think they have a "special right" to be rude. I once knew a customer who thought that the fact that he was wheelchair bound gave him the right to be horrible and swear at everyone including his wife.
  2. Good thinking. I've always found that being "extra nice" to horrible customers next time is a great way to get the better of them. I was really nice and polite to a horrible lady who was so ashamed, she was squirming!
  3. Well exactly. And it was nice of that couple to apologise
  4. Sounds like something from Fonejacker. Did the caller get your number "from the government"?
  5. Skonk, nice to meet someone who shares my pain LOL! ;-) Although I have to say I do enjoy working in retail, because not all customers are idiots. By the way I liked the thing you wrote about how you like to accuse security guards of "following you". I think it's stupid the way people make judgements about others based on how they look!
  6. I have had problems with noisy neighbours in the past, and when I DID complain they [my neighbours] said I was very "Petty" and warned me "not to do it again". Then they moved out, as did I, and that was the end of that. I now have neighbours who are VERY nice although the couple above me do engage in shouting matches occasionally....makes for good entertainment oddly enough.
  7. Good point Conniff, but I DID know her rights...would it not have been better for her to wait and see what I was going to say before getting uppity? Just a thought ;-)
  8. Bookworm, I've read a few of the Posts you've advised on, how did you get so knowledgeable?
  9. LOL LegalPickle, now I'M confused haha!
  10. Really sorry if this is off topic or off forum guys, but I noticed, through working in retail, that some customers are just far too keen to let you know their rights. I worked in an electrical shop once, and this woman bought an electrical item - i can't remember what it was. It turned out to be faulty, so she came back. I had the (mis)fortune of serving her, even though it had been one of the other staff who sold her the item. She came marching in and declared "I bought this in here yesterday and it's not working!", then, before I even had a chance to ask "Ok, would you like it replaced or would you prefer a refund?" she blurted out "I'm the customer and I have the right to request a refund!" What's the deal with that?
  11. Yeah, my dad calls the internet "The Fount of All Knowledge"!
  12. Yeah you did tell me - but I don't know why I didn't see that post until after I posted mine. What you say is good advice though - I must remember that for the future. I'm trying to get into the habit of "fighting" big companies who mess me around.
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