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  1. Hi Ghost Debt, Thanks for all your help. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to CL finance. I paid them £1.00 for the info which they sent late. I have sent my SAR today so hopefully i will get that back soon and be able to work out my charges which should hopefully be enough to wipe the balance anyway. Just wondering though if you know whether or not I can get the ccj related charges removed? Dear Sir/Madam Re:- Account/Reference Number This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of
  2. Hi thanks, i'm not sure who issued the ccj. The only info I have says that the creditor is Cl Finance ltd but i have had no correspondence at all from them. I am thinking that if the contract stands ok then my next option is to try to get any charges back? I am not sure how to go about it though i am still finding my way through this so any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks again Mish x
  3. Hi i have recieved a copy today of my signed credit agreement. 7 days late. I had forgotten about it to be honest so forgot to send a letter re lateness. is there anything i can do now? Also I am unsure as to what i should be looking for on my agtreement to make it unenforceable? can someone talk me through it please? Cheers Mish x
  4. thankyou, you have all given me some great pointers on what to do and where to go from here. I'll keep you all posted as developments arise. Mish x
  5. Hi guys The letter was recieved by them on 28/08/09. Should i strat my 12+2 from this date or the date that i spoke to them on the phone? I am annoyed with myself for giving them an extra 2 days to start the ball rolling. Thanks also bigpeter. How can i get it set aside? I'm sorry i'm new to all this and still trying to find my way. thanks mish x
  6. Thankyou, I did mention that to the guy on the phone today and he said that it was definately not possible until the entire balance was paid off. S o i decided to tackle them first re bank charges of which i am sure there were many and also look to get it written off if possible. After that i will most certainly be looking to get it set aside. thanks once again Mish x
  7. Hi, I have just found out today that Howard Cohen &co solictors acting on behalf of GE money have issued a CCj against me in March of last year. I am absolutley furious as CCCS have been paying them since October 2007 as part of my DMP. I called the above solictors today to ask what was going on and i was told that they sent letters out to my old address before realising earlier this year that it was the wrong address. I asked why then they didn't contact me to advise of the situation? The response was well you are paying it now through CCCS so it's ok. I am now mad at myself tho
  8. Thankyou so much for that seriously fed up. I will get the letter in the post today. I only need the cca as i have the other info re charges etc when i applied to get them refunded. They truly are a nightmare company and i would take great pleasure in getting one over on them:D I'll keep you posted. Mish x
  9. Hi there, I am new to this forum and could really do with some advice please. i have had my Egg card since 2003. it has been passed to various dca's and is now with a solicitor acting on their behalf. I am on a DMP with cccs who wre paying Egg direct every month. I moved house 2 years ago and around 5 months ago i recieved a letter from Egg's solictors stating that a county court judgement had been filed and i was now ordered to pay the outstanding amount plus costs as i had paid nothing into the account nor responded to any of their letters or phone calls. I immediately contacted then to
  10. Hi i am a travel agent and can confirm that if you find a good deal online most reputable agents will match the price if it is a fully bonded like for like quote. i personally am able to match quotes on all major tour operator websites as well as the usual "cheap deals" sites. Everybody basically works from the same system. What i will say though is this - if you book it yourself online and make a mistake you are liable for it. If you book it via a qualifed and experienced travel agent there is less chance of a mistake in the first place and if there is one you will be covered as it is there m
  11. Hi I am a travel agent and can confirm that as the lead name on the booking you are responsible for the holiday. You can cancel it change names anything you want to basically. She on the other hand cannot do a thing to the booking or even get any information regarding the status of the booking or even find out if the tickets have been issued. It is upto you what you do now but i will say that if you are travelling soon you will not get anything back if you cancel and have to agree with bookworm that you may as well just go alone. Hope this helps mish x
  12. Hi I am in same position re future. It has worked massively in our favour since we came out of our fixed term. We are now paying £350 per month less than we were 4 months ago. Result i would say. Hope you end up as lucky as us and that it doesn't sky rocket in the near future.
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