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  1. Just a quick one - I have had two calls from private mobiles - one was to chase money and the other was to say what I was doing wasnt legal? driving around in a car I am not paying for...lol. but didnt know calling me from private mobiles was not allowed...I have kept both numbers - will these help me in any future claims against W/F?
  2. TonyB33 - Hi thankyou for your reply. This was not ppi but Life Insurance - for 5 years - loan was for 4 - this is an extra year after payment would have been finished. Have done another SAR today as the first one wasnt registered post and the £10 po was cashed and shows as a payment on my car HP acnt. So they got the rqst but paid the money onto my HP acnt. My main question is why life insurance???? if its not secured on anything? This was not an option but just presumed it was part of loan. I have many issues with them and have followed all the instructions that I have been given but when I asked my D in Law to post letter she didnt do it R post.oops... "I cannot remember a 'small mediacal Qizz or questions!! Could you tell me what questions you were asked if you can remember pls?" I think it was if I had any medical conditions I was being treated for. Nothing about my doctor or hospital - also if I had any life insurance - hope that helps....my main question is - why life insurance is sold with a loan? and not as an option and I was not asked if I wanted it but just presumed it was part of the laon conditions. Also its for 5 years and not the 4 of the loan. Maybe to cover them if I extendedthe loan...have lots of issues with them and just waiting for the SAR to be done.
  3. Quick question I have been looking at all my paperwork from Welcome. With my personal loan I have taken out Life Insurance. Looks like its for 5 years - loan is for 4. Also think that it has interest added on over the life of the loan. This is not a secured loan so why life insurance. anyone else with this on a loan? Not noticed it before. Also was not given an option if I wanted it or not just told to sign it as part of the loan. Small medical quiz and questions if I had another life insurance. Forgot all about it with all the other problems. Any thoughts?
  4. Been following this thread with interest. Why dont you just park the car at a friends house? Or even if safe in a car park or at work? This would stop you having to worry about it day and night (and believe me I know about that). If its not parked near to you then all the better for you. If they cant find it then they cant take it! I do not want you to think I am being rude about this but it looks like no one else has said this to you. They are not getting mine - I would rather scrap it - and then they get nothing. lol They cant stop you from selling a car for scrap - and I would rather lose thousands than let them have the car. If you have another car and dont use the one they are trying to take then hide it. Also I have just been helped by Essexboy about the Gardex. Will follow this thread to see how it work out for you. Good luck
  5. Take a look at the problem Louisd77 had because fo the Gardex. been looking at her problem because its a bit like mine. she has had it added. Maybe post can help
  6. Think that this may be of help to most of us who have brought a car from our dear friends. Need to do a survey me thinks. Need someone who has had the SAR back showing this has been sold as part of the cars purchase price without them being told its added in. I am thinking along the lines of the mis-sold PPI -insurances etc., if its part of the deal and we are not told about it and then 3 or 4 years interest is charged on it - what the **** is it costing us - thousands - so think we need someone with a bit more experience to take this on......not being rude to u as I know you are all a great help but I think this is very important.
  7. "its not applied to the vehicle prior to sale it is for you to apply on a monthly basis and purchase annually to preserve the warranty according to gardx" I was given kit at point of sale and am looking to see if its on my SAR when it comes back (Nov and waiting). Also after a year I had a rqst from Gardex asking me to renew....looking for letter - but think I put it in the bin. If this was added to the cost of the car and commision paid to Gardex or we were not told it was part of the sale and thus we would pay interest on it (work out how much that has cost us!!)then it must be some good amo for us to us..ie undisclosed commision? Also brought car -did lap around the block and then came home with it.....so couldnt have been done in showroom.
  8. Go for it Voda. Do you get any DLA allowances? or do you have the car adapted. If you do its value can be over 1K. Try checking out a few of the advice sites. I think I am going for it too.
  9. Has anyone though of doing a "Debt Relief Order" and thus giving Welcome "One up the A**e" iThey wont get any money you owe them and its only at a small cost to you - relief for a year from them - they cant contact you by law and then all your debt swritten off.....nil money to Welcome....only problem you cant own you own home- only a car value under 1k (but with allowances for adapted cars for disabled) and it for total debts under 15K....If enough of us could do this then it would not only be a victory for us but hundreds of thousand of pounds would be lost by Welcome - and its not like being Bankrupt and wont show in your local paper.....if our credit files are buggered this could be a way out. A mass protest me thinks....... Comments....
  10. Why on my Experian file would it say my credit was over 49 months - when on the signed and dated agreements it over 48? would this give them an advantage against mein any form and should I get it corrected.
  11. Have you had a default from them and a termination notice? No neither of those but they keeping calling me at home and work and have given me a reduction in the amnt I owe (-25%) but I could buy the same car for a lot less than they want...I am not worried about my credit rating. Just dont know if I should wait and see what they are going to do and hope they go under? Not paid 1/2 yet so cant offer to return car (if they are taking returns) but have paid over 1/3 so they need court order ....just a waiting game. Many thanks for your interest.
  12. Has anyone on this site been taken to C Court by Welcome to get the car reposs. Also how long did it take? From the receipt of the Court papers to taking the car?? Or are Welcome too frightened to go to court? Have had yet another call and they said this is the next step but dont believe it....have paid over 1/3 but not half.
  13. Now after 3 months I get a call saying they are going to repossess, when I pointed out that I had made at least a third of the payments & they would need a court order they said they don't need one because they have sent a default. Reading this from the above thread..I dont think they can repossess unless they have a Court Order....they do need one..read your agreement with them...on mine its says that once 1/3 is paid they need a court order to repossess....can post also read this and tell me if I am correct or I am also in trouble....
  14. Hi, Postggj Any thought on my PM tonite or my last post on my thread....I dont like them not ringing me to chase payment its like something big is around the corner - or just maybe he has lost hi job...
  15. Have rcd thistoday - maybe from my phone call of four or so wks ago: Copy of Welcome Shortfall Extra Ins (05) WCF (from Direct group) Please find enclosed a copy of Welcome Mechanical Breakdown and Shortfall extra Ins Policy Wording as rqstd. Just copies printed out with no personal details/dates etc. But this bit is interesting and makes it not worth the paper its printed on methinks>>>>>>>>> "5 You must show that the repayments (excluding option documentation fees) you make under the agreement are equal amounts payable at monthly intervals for the full duration of the agreement, or alternatively equal amounts paid monthly with a final deferred amount payable at the end of the agreement, if applicable." I take that is just another little innovation of Welcome/Direct Group - if anyone in slightly in arrears or has not made all the monthly payments on time in equal amnts then the insurance is null and void....
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