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  1. Thanks for that... very funny indeed I have received a letter from the DVLA saying that they think they have 'Reasonable cause' to give out my details...!!!?? Does anyone know of a template I can use to send back..? and I also want them to remove my telephone number from their details...! The info on the CCJs is interesting too... Thanks guys... CG xx
  2. I am not sure how they have got my phone number, I must have given it to the DVLA? I dont remember doing this but must have... I have receved another letter today saying the following: Thank you for your recent communication regarding your parking charge notice. (I have never writen to them..?????) Then there is a load of rubbish about how I MAY get a CCJ and how IF I get taken to court I will have to pay extra costs. What a joke! - You guys have taught me well!! I have written to the DVLA giving them a ticking off (very formally and politely of course) for releasing my detai
  3. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: I am going to do this after I have asked the security questions.... Thanks guys.... you are the best!! CG x
  4. Hello... me again..... I have been ignoring all letters as advised. The last letter I got was to tell me that if I paid now, the charge would be reduced from £275 down to £80...???!!? hoe kind of them, especially as I received the letter on Christmas Eve! Well, it all went very quiet, and now I am getting phone calls, upto 3 per day from Debt Recovery. I have not admited i am the person they are looking for, but I am getting hacked off, and feeling a bit vrave, so what shall I say? Or shall I write to them with one of the templates along the lines of stop harrassing me...? Also, if th
  5. Hi Guys.... Me again.... I am trying to 'Stay Strong!!' This has now been going on for a little while and I thought I had got away with it! However this morning I have had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. They have quoted all of the usual 'legal recovery may commence' etc, but I just wanted to get your thoughts... Shall I write to them and state that I was not the driver and blatently lie? or Shall I just continue to ignore? I am presuming this is usual for them, but it just all get me a bit shakey... To be honest, I am broke, so they will have to take me to court if they want
  6. Thanks letshelp... I will ignore, I dont think I can take the stress of scary letters...! Thanks all... CG
  7. Thank you so much Joe5... That makes me feel much better about it all... I will ignore and maybe write a letter if it gets a bit much... Thanks again, really appreciate it... CG x
  8. Thank you for this... do appreciate it... I can have a goood old read of it all now, cant think of a better way to spend company time! Really, Thank you... CG
  9. What happened next....? I am researching this sort of thing for my parking notice/ticket.... Did the bayliffs ever come? or did you have to go to court...???
  10. Thank you for this... and for replying so quickly... I will ignore, and see what happens! Thanks again...
  11. No... Of course not... All I am saying is that every post I have read that directly relates to Parkforce (only about 6 od so) says that people have been advised to ignore the notices, letters etc... No one ever says that they got away with it! What I was asking, was if I am going to end up paying anyway, shall i just save myself the stress of actual real life bayliffs at my door...????? There are no outcomes, only people saying that they received a notice, and that they think they will ignore it... To be honest, given the comments of Al27, I am probably just going to ride it out, and then what
  12. I received a parking ticket from Parkforce - The UK Parking Enforcement Agancy for parking in Tunbridge Wells a little under 2 weeks ago. I was trying to get into the legitimate car park, but it was blocked by a lorry and the guy at the kiosk said "dont worry love, park on the road here and I will tell the warden that you could not park in my car park and had to park on the street - you wont get a fine" so, of course I parked and vowed to be no more than an hour. I was 35 minutes, and had received the parking ticket 4 minutes after i had left the vehicle!! There was no one around to ask about
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