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  1. the Scene rolls on ..... IRC ....untouchable .....good bye torrents
  2. Independent Mortgage Advice - Mortgage Advice Bureau ring the free phone number and they will put you in touch with a local whole of the market adivisor great customer service and they charged me £295 for my beacon deal
  3. Jake the delays in offer is nothing to do with credit files its the fact that beacon only lend around 30m of new mortgages each month so for a 100k mortgages they would only do 300 new mortgages a month there mortgages are distributed throught packagers and each packager gets a dif slice of the pie on allocation/ quotas your broker will be dealing with a packager and becides the fee he/she will also get a cut of that 2700 the break down of whu gets what is on the offer some brokers work for free but not all I am not a mortgage advisor but I have read enough now on beacon jake also if you take the beacon mortage on the day of completion it will transfer to redstone mortgages who will adminster your mortgage and theres not many things good about them again there are plenty of mortgage advisors on here who deal with beacon Redstone Mortgages : Smarter Finances - Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Investments read about redstone here good luck aimz
  4. jake just read the thread and i guess you was refering to wonga lol
  5. Wongo Beacon are the only lender left at 80% LTV subprime there are a few others but only at 65 LTV or around that I am not a mortgage advisor youd be better asking a whole of the market broker for advice aimz
  6. Wongo my valuation was done 21st July got offer 7th septmember aimz
  7. got our offer 8th of september now awaiting completion .... but the post strike has now slowed the process as my sol is liasing with b legal for the release of funds aimz
  8. on your experian report you need to go into address profiles and manualy add all your boyfriends addresses and the time he he lived there in the past when you look at your full report experian does not search your old address automatically for example if you only have your current address in the profile it will only search that address even though on your report it shows old adresses in the linked addresses part once you have manually added the addresses you will have to wait until midnight for the addresses to be updated on the experian servers then redo your report and you should see the old agreements on your report if they are there i would redo your credit score and that will give you an accurate credit score as though a lender had done it kind regards
  9. Hi you could try applying for an alliance and leicester premier direct i just got 1 and my credit rating is poor but dont ask for an overdraft as it will decline be careful though as they are now part of santander so same as your abbey account they are rebranding next year so i would hurry up as the brands Abbey and A&L will be gone
  10. Hi there make sure you put your previous addresses in your experian profile if you have moved in the last 3 and half years when you do your own experian search because if you dont it will only search the profile address you set up also if you have debts registered at previous addresses these will need to go in to make sure you get the true score if you havnt moved house then no need to worry
  11. I can help on this just been through it Cabot owed 2100 offered them 1500 agreed on 1650 after haggling on phone barclaycard 2200 offered 1500 they accepted via letter citi card (these guys are hard work) owed 1000 offered 600 sent letter no reponse sent recorded letter reply declined replaying they dont do short settlements rung them up spent about 3 hours on phone on various days told them moving to cuba blah blah and that i will withdrawing my offer and not paying them any more money in the arrangement told them id been made redundant finally right sorry for babbling on just trying to make you aware of possible tactics needed to get them to agree your wording wont really matter on your letter make sure when you start to haggle that you tell them you cannot afford to pay the arrangement anymore due to job loss and that the short settlement is by way of a gift from your family as a 1 off gesture when you get the offer agreed dont send them any funds until you have recieved the full and final settlement letter off them if you have arrangements to pay on CRA they will change to settled in full with a flag saying however payment would not fully clear outstanding balance. Partial Settled will drop 6 years from settlement date if you have a default it will go to settled and will drop 6 years from default date Hope this helps
  12. I have some info on this I have just paid all my debt off i had 4 cards in a long term payment program and have just 2 where arrangement to pay i made offers on my cards and got them to accept reduced offers after some hagling they did and cleared the balance etc however barclaycard and citi card have removed the arrangment to pay and added a flag saying settled in full but balance would not fully clear outstanding amount apparently this will show up on any searches and lower my score and since i have paid all my cards my experian score has gone from 759 fair down to 630 poor and i have no debt hope this helps
  13. 7 weeks in and no offer as yet at risk with losing the house as other people in the chain are getting fed up does any body have anything good to say about beacon , the packagers and payment collectors ie Redstone ?
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