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  1. Thanks for the advice, but I dont know how to do that.
  2. Several questions, any assistance or pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated, thankyou. I have worked for the company for 6 years, this would have been 7 years on 22nd September this year. It looks like my redundancy will be notified on 4th of September and I am told than I will be paid in lieu of notice. I do not have the option of working the notice period. There are less than 19 people being made redundant at this time. I have the following questions.... Because I HAVE to take PILON instead of working my notice period, should I be paid my usual
  3. Thankyou. I wish there was a place that had all this information. Theres a lot of websites for redundancys when 20+ people are affected but hardly any information on right or proceedures when Does anyone know any useful sites on basic rights and proceedures?
  4. Thankyou for the reply, but it doesnt really answer my question. I am asking that because my service WOULD be 7 years, IF they told me to work my notice, however I already know they will be paying me in lieu of notice. Therefore will my effective date be from the date they pay in lieu of notice, or from the date the notice would have ended IF theyd requested me to work it? Since them paying me in lieu of notice could see me worse off by 1 years service, surely theres something that says it would be 7 rather than 6? Thankyou
  5. Since then, theyve told me I will be elligible for 7 years redundancy pay but 6 weeks in lieu of notice, can anyone confirm thats correct please? Thankyou
  6. Can someone please tell me, I have 6 years service that will be 7 years on the 20th of September. The end of redundancy consultation period is defined as 2nd of September. My notice period has been stated as 6 weeks, however at the END of that period, my service would have been 7 years. Can anyone confirm to me whether I should be due 6 or 7 weeks notice? It is usual for the company to pay in lieu of notice so I am using that as an assumption. Thankyou in advance. Also can anyone tell me what information I should have been given at the start of the process. ( less than 20 people af
  7. Aplogies if this has been raised elsewhere but I have searched and been unable to find it. I have been 'Selected for redundancy' and been told that at the meetings I can have a 'Trade union representative' ( we dont have a union ) or a 'work colleague'. Am I limited to these 2 types of peole or can I take anyone I wish? I have googled but only found these 2 types listed, im not sure wether its a rule or just everyone making the same assumptions. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thankyou
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