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  1. TUT TUT is someone bored? Has your office closed already? Oh btw Please tell welcome to repo my car I need to weed my driveway Thanks
  2. Excellent thanks! As apparently Ratio Money have gone t**s up now and Im left on my own until our claim is passed on
  3. Thats for the Leeds branch on my letter I have Cleakheaton
  4. Hi everyone Have received a couple of letters from Lewis...WFS passed my account onto them...refused to speak with them and now today have had a letter from Howard and Cohen Solicitors "preparing court papers". The address is very similar to Lewis Group...are they the same people?
  5. I just had another call told them to put everything in writing and she said "we have, look forward to speaking to you again" that wont be happening! Im not paying a penny!
  6. Had a phonecall from them today, they left a message now I owe no other money other than Welcome finance.....wondering if the lewis group are collecting all their debts? Plus this is a HPI account have Welcome admitted defeat knowing they cannot collect?
  7. Hi everyone! Hope your all well...can someone clarify a few things for me please? Below is a supposed Notice of Termination..obviously it looks a little dodgy! Now if WF issue me with 2 dodgy and void notices then go for a court order which will probably be void as they have not issued the right notices, then they reposses the car (which doesnt work haha!) then what happens?
  8. *bump* can anyone help please?
  9. I could be wrong but Im not sure your supposed to be paying interest on insurance?
  10. Also what do I do with this do I reply to them?
  11. How is it defective please? I will look that thread up thank you!
  12. Hi everyone hope your all well, just a little update...the agreement is with solicitors now being audited. I have received a default notice today, and 3 other letters within the past month...all with different figures on! My credit report shows the balance to be: £2977 Letter 1: £3026.90 Letter 2: £2986.20 Letter 3: £2840.52 What I need to know also is what will they do now? I know they need a court order because Ive paid well over 1/3 of the HP...Im not parking on the drive anymore I will park round the back of my house Any advice?
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