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  1. Hahaha i like that..and will take great pleasure in doing just that to.
  2. 66 days have passed and not heard a word not a thing...
  3. made enquiries today with a immigration lawyer and she advised that the derivative card is a good one to go for.it gives the holder permission to remain in UK whilst child is in education and also the holder has right to be working and self supporting for the time the child is in education.
  4. yes I realise that now you have explained.i got a email from vinci yesterday to say that they be in contact within 14 days.
  5. regarding the cctv and ICO I will do that. as the security snooperwho denied he issued the ticket/invoice told me in his own words that the cctv must have identified the abcence of a child.he obviously come out of his hole to identify if the child I was with was above the age they consider being a child.how he can do that without seeing ID is amazing. I advised in my email that I did not breach any of their rules and went on to asked why a invoice was left on car windscreen.and also asked them to explain how the feel they have run at a loss and to send me a true pre estimate of loss
  6. ericsbrother I identified myself as driver of vehicle as did not say (as keeper of the vehicle)so I suppose that now I have identified myself can that be a problem?i did not give my address also a security guy saw me at the carpark on my departure,he was also probably the one issuing the ticket.and I doubt he could tell by looking if the child I was with was over 12 y/o which most private car parks I believe state in their rules is regarded as a child!
  7. yes mollie 5549 we just checked that derivative resident card out on the www.gov.uk website and that may be ok but it states that applicant must be residing in uk.and she seems to qualify for that one so I think before applying she really needs to speak to a immigration lawyer.so we need to find one that offers phone consultations for a small fee payable by debit card to get more info. does anybody here know of one of these lawyers? thanks for the replies.
  8. and also in the email appeal I asked for the popla code.thanks all for the great advice.
  9. I emailed them yesterday with my appeal as advised on the parking notice and did mention the pre estimate of loss.also should I appeal by letter. and ericsbrother that's another point can they even use the cctv footage as evidence as this is the way they verified that I did not have a baby with me before they issued the ticket on my windscreen.but how was they certain I would not return with a child.and how can they be certain that the other person with me in this case a child of 15 who may look even younger on the cctv was not the child with me the parent.
  10. interesting points, and essmoroldo thanks for the enlightenment as I did have a 15 year old child with me even though no baby!!so cctv would have seen the 15 year old
  11. all interesting points thanks. will the charge go up if I appeal withing the 14 days? and incidentally I had a 15 year old with me who got out of the car with me essmeroldo thanks for that enlightenment.
  12. parked in a vinci parks multi storey free car park in brighton in a parent and toddler bay.i had a baby seat in the back of my car but no baby as had dropped the mother and child of at asda opposite before I parked.when I returned to my car within the time allowed blam there was a parking charge notice on my screen..i spoke to a security fellow lurking around who told me that cctv must have seen me get out without a child,so then the ticket was given. any advice here appreciated as obviously I was parked without a child and they may have cctv footage. should I appeal or ignore or pay
  13. Thanks honeybee and rebel.i think she will have to return to Ghana and re-apply for the family off a settled person visa.
  14. or possibly re-new her visitors visa for another year here in UK and then apply for the family of a settled person visa. if having a 2 year old british passport holding child qualifies her for this type of visa?.
  15. a female friend is on a six month visitors visa from Ghana.she has been here in uk for the passed 2 years by re-newing visitors visas to put her british passport holding 2 year old child in pre school etc. The husband of ten years is a British passport holder and was born in U.K.but lives and works abroad. Now she is in the U.K on another 6 months visitors visa.can she switch to another visa allowing her more permanent stay?maybe by a family of a settled persons visa in this case would her 2 year old british passport holding child who she is here in U.K with qualify as the sett
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