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  1. snap.ive just done the same thing as you,7.7.09.was really hoping i would get this loan 2 take my 2 small kids away for a week,but no! these horrid people have taken £55 that i couldnt afford 2 waste,hense why im was wanting a loan cause im not loaded and they have made me feel worse than i did before i applied for the loan. how can people do this ?its so wrong and upsetting,now im going 2 bank in the morning 2 stop my card and face facts that i wont be takin my kids away next week due 2 me wasting the last 4 weeks on this loan.if only i hadnt taken wentworth on i could be going on a little holiday with the kids with some other company who was trusting and true 2 there word.im going trading standards with this.not gonna let em get away with this if i can.
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