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  1. im going to do that as soon as i get the copy from finance company, one of the finance reps is popping in tonight with a copy of our aagreement as i cant find it anywhere so i have to fax it to them tonight, hopefully that will work, im going to send copies of all the documents relating to law from the legal services who are sending them to me first class il get them hopefully tomorrow, i was hoping to have them today but they didnt come in post yet, thanks guys
  2. spoke to the legal advisor again today, said to try the local authority again as they need to know that their bailiff is being unlawful, they refused to let me speak to a manager for god sake, said i had to send a letter or e-mail, so i have still no response though, what a surprise !!
  3. thanks hadenough, your name says exactly how i feel right now had enough, i cant believe how these people get away with it, thanks so much i will do what you said if they turn up, i hope they dont though
  4. ok fair enough, just making a point.....ps....good luck to you all with the welscum, hope you have more luck than i had
  5. Andie303....no personal attack at all, just frustration as i said, it was being stated daily to all on here that they are doomed, every day was a countdown remember? ...welscum is finished...welscum is closing all its branches....welscum is folding...watch this space only a few weeks to go till they are gone...etc etc etc....thats what i am talking about, im not making personal attacks as I like most on here would love nothing more than to see them doomed but i just wonder where that information was sought from thats all, im not making a personal comment im purely stating that the info was misleading as they are still functioning a year later, yet the information led many to believe that they were gone, surely if that kind of info is dished out then it should be based on actual fact rather than hope, like i said, purely frustration, check out the thousands of comments and various posts, i dont see many people having anything solved much, i myself took a lot of the advice from the posts on here, I have not sat back and waited for it to GO AWAY as you state, i tried everything and got nowhere with it, obviously when i was reading that the welscum clan were going down i was happy, happy in the knowledge that it might be taken over by a competent company who treats you with respect unlike welscum have done to me and my family (turning up to reposess the car on the day of my fathers funeral even though i had called them the day before begging them to let me have a few days to call them back) i hate them with every part of me for that. I was not expecting the debt to go away that would just be silly eh ?
  6. to andy 303 heyyyy i wasnt putting anyone down i was purely stating that i havnt seen welcome go down which was what was being promised lol, i dont come on here to judge anyone and was totally excited when i read that welcome finance was gonna be off the map, buttttt...that was a year ago and they are still going strong, i was just curious as to how that information was given when clearly it hasnt happened. I too have been ripped off completely by them so im in the same position as most poor folk on here, i did not make my comment lightly, i just seem to remember being glued to this forum 24/7 when it was being stated on here that welcome were going, like many many others on here who probably got just as happy as me to think i might be free of the welscum, i have had to refinance my car over and over, im never going to be free of a debt that started in 2004....yes thats right 2004, those b's have threatened me no end until i stupidly agreed to keep refinancing, im not a nasty person, im just frustrated that welscum are still existing, im sure anyone on here can understand that frustration, its great if someone has rarely managed to win their case but like me and thousands of others it seems we are just stuck with it..no insult was intended at all just pure hatred of anything to do with the stupid welscum idiots. rant over lol.
  7. update...recieved another letter from JBW this morning which says; We have now obtained an update from DVLA and as a result have instructed our automatic number plate recognition !ANPR) vehicle to attend your area with a view of seizing (levying on) and removing, impounding your vehicle. This notice is not intended to delay the enforcement process. if your vehicle is located at any time either during the posting of this letter or before this letter is recieved then additional charges will be added. oh my god, they obviously havnt bothered checking to see if the car is on HP yet then, I called the DVLA and asked them if anyone could just call and ask for details about my car, he said that they could but they would have to give a good enough explaination as to why they need it and they have to wait till the information is processed and sent, he said they would not give details about the car being on HP either as they dont hold that info....by the way, not sure if it makes a difference but the HP is actually in my husbands name not mine, does this mean they are stealing the car from my husband as he is the one paying for it, the car is registered in my name but my husband has the ownership on the HP agreement., i remembered that this morning. im still waiting to recieve the info from the legal services so i hope they dont turn up and take the car today. Anyone got any idea whether i should call them, sounds silly but im worried about calling, sitting here shaking right now
  8. p.s....im still trying to find a success story with a welcome finance rip off on here, if anyone finds one then please forward to me so that i can copy lol
  9. correct me if i wrong, but i was on here around the same time last year and seem to remember a certain regular person on this post assuring everyone that the end of welcome finance was imminent. Well they are obviously still around a year later so why is this suppose experienced person still advising people on welcome finance shananigans?, im confused now. this person was building up so many peoples hopes by saying welcome finance are finished, but obviously this was all rubbish and told by someone who clearly lied or was just living in hope because of his own welcome problems yea ???????
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA THATS THE FUNNIEST FILM EVER, OH MY GOD!"!!!!! the only good thing about all the video clips was the bubble gum machine, there is no helpful communication and they certainly do not consider the customer as being important, if that were true then i would not have a rep screaming down the phone at me when they sodded up their payment dates, oh my god, he was literally screaming at me, i have the call recorded and i intend to keep it haha
  11. awww ok thank guys, i just noticed certain comments on a few posts that seemed a bit unfriendly but i guess as im not a regular debator then maybe im not so clued up on friendly discussions, thanks a big heap though to you all
  12. yea i was worried about that but the legal advisor stated that as long as i send the relevent documents that she is sending me first class then they should not pursue it. the fact that they have unlawfully tried to threaten me with the removal of the car then that should shut them up ( her words) she also said that she has the call recorded so nothing she has said can be refuted if there was any doubt, i feel that as this is coming from a legal goverment rep then the info should be within the uk law system, i hope i can resolve this soon as its causing so msuch stress, i have 3 children at school and only low income from husband who works so hard to pay our bills, we dont have any spare money so this is really difficult to dael with, i hope no one has any more dissagreements on here as i only want help that i can realistically understand and that will actually help me
  13. oh just saw something else, thought id clarify that i am a lady not man so mr is mrs hehe, not being funny but noticed i was being referred to as mr lol
  14. ps...to clear up the hp dispute between people on here, i still have approx 2 years left on my hp agreement, my finance company has advised me also that the bailiff cannot remove my car as it is still their property, not sure i understand the dissagreement that has gone on with my problem here but hope that helps
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