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  1. hi Locutus, finally got my paperwork for the subject access request from orange and looks like Moorcroft have stopped their lovely letters. i have questin regarding Orange... i sent the letter for the Subject Access request with £10 enclosed. when i recieved the paperwork back the letter instructed me to send a check for £10. phoned orange to get to the bottom of it and tell me that they have indeed got the cheque but put it towards the balance that i owe!? the operator said that they shouldn't have done that!! Any view on this and what to do. thanks as always. lightflight.
  2. thanks Locutus sorry i didn't reply i have been in the wilds of Cornwall where internet is a bit scarce! I have just recieved another lovely letter from someone calling themselves Midus, part of Moorcroft!? Moorcroft have nt acknowledged my Account in Dispute letter yet, is this normal nor have orange fr that matter replied to my Access letter should i give them a ring? Lightflight
  3. hi all well i sent moorcroft the 'account is in dispute' letter and that is was unlawful for them to request money while the account is in dispute. a letter arrived today and i quote 'further to your recent correspondence, i write to confirm we require a monthly repayment proposal you can afford and maintain, to enable us to assist you further.' i sent this letter recorded delivery. shall i just ignore this letter? i have also subject accessed orange, still waiting for a reply from them. any ideas...? thanks for your help. lightflight
  4. Thanks again Locutus Will keep you updated. lightflight.
  5. Thanks Locutus It seems if i take out the CCA bit there isn't much of a letter? lightflight
  6. Hi all, i have been looking around this site for a while and wished that i had found it earlier!! I have some horror stories for you. I'm not into getting out of what I owe, but feel that I have been taken for a ride on a number of occasions and not really knowing the law... well you know the rest. Firstly Orange! A cut down history: I changed my deal in December 07 to a blackberry pearl dolphin package. Phone number 1 not working properly many hours spent in orange shop trying to sort out. orange finally conceded realised phone not working - new phone. this time phone seemed to be working but service not working properly blackberry problem apparently!? all the greatest engineers from Orange and Blackberry tasked with the problem more hours in shop and on the phone. finally sorted! few months later scroll ball broken on the phone. new phone given same problem with internet etc. My statements were always wrong, they told me that they would give me 2 months rental free did not appear until many months later, i was also paying for internet which they told me was free in the package that i had. i refused to pay any bills until sorted. They cut me off and terminated the contract. Now Moorcroft sending letters asking to pay £400 + as iwas still i contract when they terminated. i am willing to pay for the airtime that was used, but not the rest of the contract as i feel that i have been treated very badly from a company that seems to be customer friendly! So now Moorcroft are on the case. i have written to them with a more detailed version of the above. the letters received back didn't seem as if they had read them at all! i phoned them up and told them my concerns especially the time that i has waisted. i have received back a letter saying that Orange policy is not to give compensation. they are demanding the 400. Something i don't understand if Orange have terminated why do Moorcroft alwys ask if i want to reinstate my contract! any help would be appreciated. regards lighflight.
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