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  1. Hi I went into debt management over 3yrs ago. I have been paying Barclays monthly through debt management however they have been logging 6 payments overdue continously all this time. I now have my life back on track and applied for a new mortgage but this Barclays 6 overdue payments for years is killing my credit. The original card was with morgan stanley and barclays have stated they dont have the full agreement but i should keep paying anyway. To be honest I am not trying to get out of paying I need to know can they register 6late payments or more every month even
  2. Hi, I had a small business and my account manager at Barclays introduced me to asset finance to help manage invoices. Barclays moved me from the small to medium product and charged me 20k (I was told it would be 500£) for doing so. I complained they agreed THEN froze the account I couldnt pay suppliers company went into liquidation with me being left in over 60k of debt. I had signed a personal guarentee for 25k which I was assured was only in place to stop people running off with millions. Anyhow after the liquidation Barclays decided to take me to court for this PG even though the whole thin
  3. Hi, we had a similar issue with vodafone, dongle was lost told us to buy a new one they never switched the service back on they charge us for a year and defaulted my husband for a service not provided at all. We spoke to vodafone directly and the customer support person said he could help but was choosing not to and would block anyone else helping( we complained of course got us nowhere). Anyway point being the vodafone reps on this site did not help but advised us to go to the ombudsman who is paid by the telco operators surprise suprise who found in vodafones favour which anyone with common
  4. Lee you already are aware of everything you have just commented on I am actually with my husband we have had no correspondance at all verbal or otherwise regarding the sim other than if we pay outstanding balance the sim would be sent out. Anyhow have wasted enough time going back and forth with vodafone obviously no one is going to do anything at all and I must say actually worst "customer services" I have ever come across. Not quite what I expected from a company with a famous ad campaign - customer services "Happy to help" , hilarious
  5. Thanks so much for this, nope never confirmed sent sim and in date list sent posted earlier on it shows they switched off service when sim was lost, we continued to pay for over a month, service never switched back on sim never sent. This point they are ignoring I hate to think it but the first customer service person did say he was going to make sure nobody rectified this personally and it seems to be true as when we pointed out mistake to santander they were apologetic, rectified it and sent a letter for vodafone. I thought with this vodafone would have said fair enough lets get this up to
  6. Hi All, You are not going to believe what Vodafone have come back with my husband jumped through hoops to see if we could resolve this in an amicable way (because he is trying to get a mortgage) and vodafone have slammed it back in his face. The info they requested they havent reviewed properly and some of it just blatently ignored. See below what Lee has put and in blue my husbands responses, but in a nutshell they have everything they asked for and are doing nothing. In fact situation is worse as before it was pay £100 approx and default will show as settled, now it is pay £700 plus and w
  7. yep definately a big D on credit file from vodaphone we never received a default letter at all we only found out about this by looking at credit file when applied for credit for mortgage and was turned down so went through mail when got back from holiday and had a letter from capquest saying we have your debt now lets make an arrangement to pay, called straight away and thats when this whole mess came to light, clearly stating happy to pay Then quite a mix from vodafone -we didnt have your details so couldnt send anything, now is you spoke to wrong departments we did send letters you just d
  8. Thanks so much for this, not had anything back other than we have it since all the paperwork went over showing everything they asked for on friday so will definately get my husband to go down this route
  9. Hi Silverfox, I wanted to update you and thank you for your advice so far. Basically the bank have written us a letter admiting issue internally that led to vodafone not being paid, vodafone havent admitted any wrong doing at all. Apparently looking in to the awful customer services rep but nothing back on this definately not holding breath for an apology . State that default was company policy and done correctly which is extremely concerning for everyone. So outcome is Vodafone have asked my husband for proof from the bank, credit report/proof he pays his other bills on time, a letter fr
  10. Hiya, no change of address just upgraded bank account so dd's were moved over for us no notification of anything failing and the strange thing is vodafone claim they they sent letter notifying then claim had no contact details for us at all which is why they didnt contact us yet they passed them on to capquest to default us. All a bit of a mess1
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