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  1. That’s my impression too. Out of curiosity, how they came across my contact details?
  2. Thanks very much for all the replies. I also find it rather odd to be contacted by them. I was wondering if it’s possible that my car was involved in some other event that I am not aware of? The is rather small possibility that my previous flat mate took the car and had some accident. That’s highly unlikely but I cannot exclude this at the present moment. I asked the genterlman from CCS to email me the details and this what I was sent: I must admit that I find it rather ambitious. I also checked the accident report form and the dates are from early 2011. So in 2009/10 I was not involved in any road incident.
  3. Hi All, I just received rather interesting call from the firm called Complete Claims Solution and was wondering if someone could advise me how should I approach it. Few years ago I had minor road incident that end up with no major damage or personal injuries. The only damage was to the other driver’s car. I simply scraped the other driver’s door while trying to change the lane. We stopped exchange the contact details. I was covered by a valid policy and I filled all the required documents. There was no further problems concerning that event. My insurer, Endsleigh, sorted out the matter. I paid small increase on my next policy renewal. Finally, roughly a month ago, I decided to sell my car to a scrap merchant. It was just old, going from one repair to another and simply lost will to service it again and again and keep spending money on it. To my great surprise, recently I received a call from a gentleman who introduced himself as Complete Claims Solutions representative. I must admit that the call was rather vague, I was asked to give the details of the aforementioned incident. Of course, I wasn’t in position to do it as I do not remember the precise date or time of the event. I asked the gentlemen to provide me with his contact details so I could get back to him if I manage to dig out the relevant paperwork and find out the requested details. I presume that I may have the copy of Endsleigh Accident Report Form. I also asked what was the purpose of that call and I was told that the CCS may be in position to pay me some money as, according to the them, the accident was not my fault. I’m rather perplexed what to do next. First, if I reckon correctly the scrape was my fault. Second, I would expect that everything was sorted out by my insurer years ago. As I mentioned previously, I was covered by the valid policy, my car had all the taxes and MOTs in order, I took responsibility, etc. I don’t really understand why after some many years I’m going contacted by some firm I never heard of with an offer of receiving some money. I was wondering if there is someone who was in similar position and could shed some light on this situation? Nowadays, with so many dishonest business everywhere the one can’t be too careful.
  4. Interesting topic. I was wondering who has right to access the DVLA records? Can insurance companies access that data?
  5. I have been browsing this board and I see that a lot of posts here relate to Npower. I've been fighting with that institution since June last year and recently sent a complaint to Energy Ombudsman. The complaint originally refers to the amount that was charged in error for utilities used in a property that I have vacated roughly 9 months ago. The amount was then refunded to me and then added again to another bill. In a word, Npower claimed back its own refund. As I know that some people here have experience in dealing with Energy Ombudsman I wanted to ask how their complaints procedure usually works. Following the advice that I received from Consumer Direct employee, I have sent formal complaint form and dozens of documents and letters that I have exchanged with Npower to Energy Ombudsman enquiry email address. Energy Ombudsman accepted my complaint and sent me a form to sign in order to start the investigation. Today, I have received a phone call from a member of Npower Executive Complaints Team. The lady stated that they have issued the refund in error made some other mistakes concerning my bills from my previous property and the outcome is that I owe them £300 pounds Funny. I would like to ask two questions: Is it a normal procedure? The Energy Ombudsman's website says that they will let me know about the outcome of investigation. I was expected to be contacted by the Energy Ombudsman not by Npower employee? I have really bad experience with that company and I feel that they are trying to do something behind my back, again. Shall let the Energy Ombudsman that I was contacted by Npower? Due to professional reasons I'll be moving to another city soon. I'm going to close my dual fuel account with Npower and sign up for some decent supplier. What could be the outcome if I just leave it like that? From Your experience, is it possible that they will be chasing after me? If so how and when?
  6. Almost like in North Korea, they also have "detuned" TV that can get only 1 official run by government TV channel.
  7. Nothing, we all live in peaceful coexistence. As for me they all can get evening part-time jobs in fast food and keep the company running through donations. CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Euronews are all private business and provide wide range of their content for free and even somehow bring substantial profits to their shareholders.
  8. But that doesn't change the fact that the whole idea of TV licensing is ridiculous. Ridiculous laws should be changed not supported.
  9. I like the idea with tablecloth and a bowl of fruit . It's such a pain with this TV licence.
  10. Thanks for prompt reply I was just wondering, in which case I'm running higher risk of the enforcement team knocking on my door? There is a wee loft in the flat by I'm afraid that the TV set won't fit through the hole in the ceiling.It's not flat screen, just old 32" CRT. If hiding is the last resort I can try to put it there but frankly I would rather avoid that. If I damage it my deposit money will be affected
  11. So let me ask, any visits from smiling TV licence staff since your post?
  12. Such a useful thread I moved flats recently and I received letter addressed to "present occupier". The situation is that my landlady left me TV set that I don't use. I can get rid off it but will be a hassle, as I don't have a car I am not keen on paying for a taxi just take rubbish TV set back to her place. Alternatively can ask her to do that but don't want to bother her too much, long story. In a word, would you advise me just to ignore the "present occupier" letters or rather shall I fill in the online declaration? If I'm going to fill it when can I expect that enforcement visit?
  13. Thanks for that. Will wait n c what's going to happen
  14. I think so. Will c how it goes, there is nothing I can do right now. That post is quite promising. I was travelling n had plenty of other things on my head than declaring that junker SORN, I know that's sh***y excuse. How long does it usually takes for them to contact me?
  15. I got a letter from DVLA saying that I'm not longer keeper of that junker. Don't know hy ealier they were bothered with declaring it SORN but the case if finally closed. Thanks for all the helpful replies.
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