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  1. iv just got of the phone to my bank to try and cancel a continuous payment and they were most unhelpfull basicaly said i was wrong and they couldnt cancel a payment and that was law ? he went on to say it was because its a financial service and they wernt allowed to get involved ? is the above post valid? anyone know my next step if the bank isnt playing ball ? thanks
  2. funny you should say this as i recently signed up to equifax and ever since have calls regarding ppi damn pain in rear cheers osborne82
  3. sounds like a plan, hopefully more people will complain and something may be done ... i hope thanks
  4. just checked my report and i now have a BANK DEFAULT from HFO SERVICES from 05/05 and also a nice LOAN from 1st CREDIT from 11/05 very strange as iv never in my life passed a credit check for a loan pmsl nor do i bank with hfo lol surly they cant be allowed to make info up and damage my credit file like this eh ? cheers osborne82
  5. hi there im after a little advice on the best way to remove a default that was issued by orange on the 17/07/2007 iv raised a online dispute via equifax stating that ive never recieved a letter from orange about the default and that the account was closed on good terms, the online dispute was rased two weeks and things are going very slowly lol but the first reply i got was simply "Please call 07973100178 to resolve the outstanding balance on the account." which i did but only to speak to a offshore indian woman who couldnt help as the account was closed in 2007 so i replied to the onl
  6. thank you for the advice just waiting on equifax to remove this now i will then report it to the ICO and OFT is there a template letter i should use maybe ? and yes by all means use my post if it will help thanks osborne82
  7. same thing happened to me, i recently checked my equifax report to find a table 1 search for "outstanding debt" 1st credit to which iv never had any dealings with ever ,this search has been on my file since 08/07/2009 i opened a online dispute with equifax to remove it but they sent it to 1st who simply replied "please remove our search" that was last week and its still there does anyone know the best way to take it further with 1st credit as im sure this isnt allowed and they should be reported thanks osborne82
  8. i havnt missed any payments as when i went in the second time i had to sign a form to cancel it this was on the 27/7/09 and they then arranged pickup following week (3/8/09) and upto then i hadnt missed a payment at all, they wouldnt give me a copy of the cancelation form either untill i said i wasnt leaving till i had a copy they then photocopied it. like u say im sure they have to at least give me warning before a default notice is issued i have the photocopied form and also the default notice ill scan them and upload cheers edit thought id add i actually paid two weeks pri
  9. its a default notice stating consumer credit act 1974 etc etc funny thing is the date of the canceld agreement on the letter says 00-62-2009 and date of missed payment it says is 00-80-2009 so im little confused by it. cheers
  10. lo all been reading on here with great intreste lots of top info anyway i need some advice please a month ago i ordered a sofa, big mistake it came faulty. store refused to take it back stating it was there rules to get it repaired and someone would come out. anyway i kept telling them i didnt want this just for them to come and collect it everytime they said no lol i kept paying while this was going on. two weeks later still no one had come to look so im back at the store and they appologised and then agreed to come and collect it i refused to leave the store till they had given me a da
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