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  1. thank you for that, once again everyone has been very helpful, I solicitors letters has today been sent revoking permission to use their address for correspondence, so we shall wait and see what happens. Thanks once again
  2. Especially if I bought the harpoon as previously suggested!!
  3. Sent the no harassment letters, signed for, and faxed. Told the debt collectors personally he doesnt live with them, and handed them the no harassment letters as well as faxing them copies. Go Debt just ignore them, and continue. they have sent contract copies as requested, in an unsealed envelope, which was opened by postoffice! wasnt addressed to my brother - just Mr XXXX and not marked Private, together with a stat demand, saying they believed he was at that address, and unless we provide them with alternative, they will continue. we dont have his address as he hasnt got one right now.
  4. No, by the OFT - they said they could help on individual cases, and will investigate, but are unable to stop the visits - thats why I want something with teeth, that these people will listen to. I am going to look for a solicitor that can deal with them on our behalf, but I need one that knows what they are dealing with.
  5. We are doing that today, but have been told that won't stop the intimidation.
  6. Just an update for those interested. After faxing EXCEL and GO DEBT and speaking with Go Debt personally informing them that the person the were looking for did not reside at my parents address, and that the elderly occupants were being made ill by the harassment, and signed for letters informing them of the 'common law Evershed' from your template letters, a debt collector still turned up. Twice in 10 days. They informed us that the template letter was not valid because he is on the electoral role at the address. My father is now ill with high blood pressure as a direct result from yest
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. I would totally agree with your opinion Seminole, regarding Go Debt - they have been less than honorable in this.
  8. Not a huge amount, just a couple of thousand, credit cards mainly, and a personal loan. But not enough to go bankrupt with, but with this ludicrous debt from Go Debt, which he disputes, which is around 11K that would make it a sizeable chunk. Go debt have said they will bankrupt him for that amount, so he might as well make the most of it, and let them do the work, shouldn't he.
  9. Yes he did CCA request. Trouble is he hasn't got an address - he is basically homeless, I know he will be having a room in a friends house next month for a few weeks, but other than that, at present he is no fixed abode. His business collapsed because of the recession, He owns nothing, has nothing. But my parents house is good, and I am wondering if they are putting on the pressure to them so they will pay to make it go away. I have spoken with my brother, and with the stat demand he is happy to let them make him bankrupt, as he cant get in much worse of a situation than he is in now, an
  10. Yes they received it yesterday by recorded delivery. The stat demand letter saying they would visit was sent after that was received.
  11. Oops - I forgot to mention that my brother disputed the debt, and requested the full breakdown etc of the contract, and they are trying to serve the stat demand before he has had this - is that even legal?
  12. Help - need more advise please. I gave the letter template to my parents, and they informed Go debt that he didn't live there, and they revoked the common law etc., my brother also wrote informing them that is was his correspondence address only, and he revoked the law. The have now informed him that they are visiting the address again, this week, to serve him with a stat demand, and say they can because he used it as his voters role address. My parents are becoming extremely ill over this, not sleeping and the doctor is really not happy with my dads health since the stroke. Does the com
  13. Thank you again, really pleased with the response I have had. Very reassuring.
  14. Thanks for that, gives me hope. They sent someone to the house within 72 hours of the letter arriving saying if he didn't pay they would send someone to visit the house. He informed the he didn't live there and they still turned up. Dreadful company.
  15. Thank you for such a quick response, I am very glad I found this site.
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